Work can be stressful, more so if we are doing it from a space that isn’t peaceful or welcoming. Research conducted last year suggested that “most American workers are stressed out most of the time.” This is because we live in societies where work has taken centre stage, and we now work longer hours than ever before. The study was conducted amongst 2,000 workers who revealed were stressed every day.

While it is true that some industries are more stressful than others, with workers in marketing and advertising topping the list of those surveyed, these employees claimed they found it difficult to relax after their working day. Many of them said they turned to television to calm their minds.

If you too find your office stressful but can make a change due to the managerial powers that lie with you, here’s how to run the perfect workplace.

Outsource menial tasks

All tasks that are involved in running a business are crucial, but there are some that are obviously less important than others. These are tasks like replacing the ink cartridge on the printer, buying tea and coffee when these run out, and watering the plants in the summer. In order for your office to be a relaxing spot, you need to ensure that even the menial tasks are being looked after in a sensible but relaxed way. You don’t want to overstress about things like not having a copier when you need one to finish that critical project. If you would like to rent a copier instead of purchasing one, Affordable Copy Machines copier leasing can help you find the ideal copy machine for rental.

Let the light in

Offices are better working spaces when they are light and bright. A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design found that 68 percent of employees complain about the light quality in their offices. This could be that either lighting was too bright or it was too dim to be able to conduct their work correctly. Lighting is an essential aspect of an employee’s wellbeing at the office. Dim lighting can cause severe headaches and eye strain, and too much light can lead to an employee developing difficulties to focus. Making sure your office has the right amount of light is of paramount importance, and this should be naturally sourced as much as possible. Read about how adequate office lighting can improve productivity.

Create enough space for workers

Seventy-one point two percent of America’s population now lives in cities. This was the figure that the Census Bureau provided a few years back. With more and more workers having recently relocated to urban areas, we can easily say this percentage has since gone up. Cities are crowded places, and the need for us to share means of transport like the underground and busy streets starts from the moment we leave our homes, which are sometimes small and lacking in space. The need for workers to have substantial office space is of paramount importance, as the appropriate amount of space will increase productivity, and the opposite will lead to your employee’s work to suffer. Here is how to make the best out of the space in your office.

The above are ideas you can implement in order for you to be able to run the perfect office. There are many more suggestions that we are sure you have already come across online, but the ones listed will give you a good start on the all-important office transformation you are looking to attain.