When is it right for a young couple to finally tie the knot and get married? There are many factors which come into play when making perhaps the most important decision in your life. Committing your life to someone else is a substantial change in mind and body. Your love takes on a new responsibility and importance. Sometimes the status quo is a more attractive option, but at times, making the final leap is determined by other factors.


If work is hectic and a big part of your life, getting married can be the absolute last thing on your mind. While you’re young, you may want to take the opportunity to build a career and forge professional relationships which take up your time at and outside of work. Getting married costs a lot of money if you want a dream wedding; therefore, some people wait until they get that hard earned promotion with a better pay standard before wanting to utter the words ‘I do.’

Flexibility is also a concern for many. Long distance traveling to and fro from work can sometimes put a strain on a relationship. The nuclear family concept isn’t adhered to by many in the modern world because working overtime has become the norm. Irregular dinner times have in fact become standard practice for couples who are both professionals with careers to manage. Ticking off these barriers one by one determines if they’re really serious about getting married.


Couples who have the planets aligned with regards to the logistics of their lifestyles may still run into the issue of budgeting. A common reason millennial couples put off a wedding is that they don’t have the funds for it. They may rather find solace in saving up for a home and planning out their lives for the future. The marital business has evolved from what it once was, where only the wealthy could afford to have a grand wedding. Optimized weddings engage in a plethora of affordable alternatives. High-end brands have many ranges which cater for every earnings bracket, such as Verragio engagement rings. Banks can also offer couples lenient loan charges and insurance companies also sell long-term payment programs for those just buying their new home.

Children Out of Wedlock

Couples that are from the inner-city choose to juggle career and family life more readily than others might. The children might have come unexpectedly and so getting married isn’t such a financially viable option as living in the city is very expensive. Still type of circumstance can, in fact, bolster up the love of the status quo. With high rents, high food prices and annual public transport expenses topping the list of priorities, saying ‘I love you’ without the need to get married is adequate for young metropolitan couples. Finding a local school, daycare, babysitting service and or doctors surgery is a headache at the best of times. Therefore, young professionals would choose to save up their money, and one day move out of the city into a rural part of the country, before getting married.