So, I had been writing blog posts for several years now. In as far as people visiting and reading, it was not a concern early on. But that has changed. I not only value readers but feel writing great blog posts is a responsibility.

When I think about it, what makes me return to blogs I visited in the past?

Is it the design or the content?

Let me put it this way. The design is important and so is the typography (choice of fonts and size). Even a part of creating great content, visual branding, is important. But it is the content itself that makes me bookmark a blog.

Two Kinds of Blogs

There are two kinds of blog posts. One tells the facts, while the other tells stories.

Granted that bloggers could write stories that tell facts, most are either one of the two.

Between the two kinds, I find stories more compelling. Stories are easier to read and relate to. Don’t get me wrong, I value facts, but stories are much more fun to read.

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Writing Great Blog Posts

Facts and Value

Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever. – An old Native American proverb

There’s nothing much to say about personal posts. Often, these posts are about the bloggers’ life and experiences, and opinions too.

But when it comes to commercial posts, I’d like to see opposing views. Show me the positives and negatives of an establishment. Let me read about the pros and cons of products.

When a blog post is nothing more than a PR post or promotes something without facts, I tend to skip rather than read.

I’d like to mention too when I say facts, I am referring to the results of fact gathering. Facts provided by the subject of the post are often biased, right?

In other words, a blog needs to appear credible to me for me to keep returning.

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What makes the iPhone special?

When Apple first came out with the original iPhone, it took the world by storm. It couldn’t have continued its success today if it didn’t offer anything of value.

One of the values offered by Apple with the iPhone is the user experience.

As an iPhone user, the functionality of the device lets me experience all aspects of life. The aesthetics and gorgeous design enhance my experience using the device.

Think of blog posts much like the iPhone.

Bloggers must write posts that let me experience the stories. Not only must it be well written, but the blog design and typography must be good. A pleasing and easy to read story enhances the message of the content.

The best blog posts are those that lets readers experience the story. Click To Tweet

How to Improve and Begin Writing Great Blog Posts

Having the want or desire to improve is the first step to learning how to write great blog posts. And the best way to learn is by reading other blogs.

When you read posts, read and understand the content.

Was it presented well or could you have done better?

Take note of the composition and use of the language.

Could you have written it in a different way?

Was the blog design and layout pleasing to the eyes?

You can learn a lot by only reading.

Another great way to learn is to set aside a specific time dedicated to learning. There are countless tutorials available on language, grammar, and techniques. In particular, you want to learn how to write easy-to-read posts.

Finally, communicate with other bloggers. Ask for feedbacks on how to improve.

Improving yourself and writing great blog posts begin with the desire to improve.

Remember, it’s up to you.

Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released. – Robin Moore

In case you’re wondering, I do have a system that I follow when writing blog posts. So, you will want to have your own too.

Please share your ideas on what makes for great blog posts in the comments.