Since a year ago, I had acquired the habit of cleaning up my Facebook account. That means when there are people who are toxic, I remove them. It turned out to be a good decision. During the last presidential election campaign, I did not see word wars on my timeline. Almost, that is, because there are still Dutertards and Yellowtards bashing each other.

We all have heard of how friends, and even family, have unfollowed each other because of politics. Did they do that because of differences in political beliefs and ideology? Or maybe it’s because they were diehard fanatics of Duterte and Roxas?

War Without End

If you look at all the wars in history, there is always an ending. No matter how the victors celebrate, there will be resentment. But I digress.

Since I was young, one of the things I learned was not to engage in debates or arguments on religion. Of course, I did get into those kinds of ‘discussions’ when I was younger. But they were pointless because there was never an ending, unlike wars.

So, that is how I feel about the word wars raging all over the country. It’s not only the politicians but also the armies of Dutertards and Yellowtards.

And …

Hold on.

It occurred to me that there are people outside the Philippines reading this. You are most likely wondering what Dutertards and Yellowtards are.


We have a new president; you may have heard of him? His name is Rodrigo Duterte, the same person who told Barack Obama to go to hell.


He is the guy who said during the election campaign that if he wins the presidency, he will wage a war on drugs. He promised that it will be bloody, and bloody it is. Before the year ends, there will be up to 6,000 people killed.

So, everyone backing the president is the Dutertards, a play on Duterte and retards. And anyone against Duterte is the Yellowtards. Yellow happens to be the color identified with former president Benigno Aquino Jr.

These two groups of people are waging a war without end. Both the Dutertards and Yellowtards are not even debating, they are bashing each other.

I think it is pointless and a complete waste of time.

And so, I decided to tune them out.

Dutertards and Yellowtards Be Gone

I have never believed in colors. That fact is that the colors of politics are the reason for the divisiveness of the people.

What I have seen is that people who chose to align themselves to one color become blinded. Dutertards thinks Rodrigo Duterte can do no wrong. He might as well be God reincarnate. And on the opposing side, they see Satan disguised as Duterte. Everything that Duterte does is wrong.

As for me?

Let me put it this way.

I have almost 2,600 people on my Facebook friend’s list. I choose to be on the side of more than 90% who are reasonable.

As I said, it is important for people to talk about the issues the country is facing. I appreciate a good conversation, a meaningful discussion. But there are people who have nothing constructive to say except to bash and insult. I deem these people as toxic and unfriend.

In my view, there is no place for Dutertards or Yellowtards. Click here and here to read more on Dutertards.