You might have heard the saying before that those who can’t do, teach. It’s an interesting phrase and one that promotes the idea that teaching is for people who aren’t knowledgeable or skilled enough in their chosen profession. It also suggests that teaching is easy and nothing could be further from the truth. Think back to your school days and try to remember one of the best teachers you had. There weren’t many were there? That’s because to be a truly great teacher it takes skill and passion that not everyone has. So, don’t think being a teacher will be an easy ride. That said, it can still be a wonderful career choice if you fit the bill.

Connect With an Audience

This is a must for teachers because you’ll have to stand up in front of what is essentially an audience every day and seize their attention. You need to captivate them. Otherwise, they’re just not going to learn. It is possible to approach this as a sort of trial by fire. But unless you know how to speak in front of people without panicking it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. Children sense weaknesses in teachers and if you don’t believe this think back to what happened to temp teachers at your school. It didn’t go very well for them, did it? However, adult students are even worse. If they think what you’re saying isn’t interesting enough they’ll just stop listening and shut down.

Make It Exciting

As a school teacher, you will need to find ways to make certain dull subjects exciting and interesting. This takes a certain degree of imagination and a lot of passion. One of the common benefits people claim about teaching is the holidays and the spare time. After all, once the kids go home, you’re finished for the day, right? Not quite, you’ll still need to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons which could mean you’re still in the school until half five. If you’re searching for ways to make the lesson more accessible and exciting, you might even be working on it at home.

Strict Yet Likeable

Teaching can be fun but only if you balance two traits perfectly. You need to be strict enough to get people to listen while likable enough that they actually enjoy your class. It’s tricky because most teachers slide too far one way. So, either they are too likable and therefore don’t have the respect of the kids. Or, they are too strict, and while the kids listen, their job isn’t enjoyable. You might be starting to see why a great teacher is so rare to find. Though businesses like Simply Education are always ready to help those who are eager for the classroom.

Willing to Go the Extra Mile

Finally, if you excel in teaching, you will always be willing to go the extra mile for your students. Rather than clocking out when the bell rings, you should be there for them if you need anything. Don’t forget that as a teacher, you are not just there to help them learn. You also have a duty of care, and you must take this responsibility seriously.