Be honest. How many times have you wanted to throw your laptop out of the window because it was slow, encountering errors or being just downright useless? You’re not alone. Tech frustration is a common feeling in the workplace, almost like a relationship that causes anger and resentment when it isn’t quite working out. Technology is the foundation for most businesses today, so if yours is giving you grief – do something about it.

Find out more about how your business can eliminate tech frustration with the following tips.

Upgrade regularly

The saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ doesn’t always apply to technology equipment. Computers, mobile devices and other workplace technology can date quickly – making them frustrating to work with. One solution is to lease your equipment. Leasing your technology has several benefits, and offers the latest equipment and regular upgrades without having to shell out large sums of money every year for the latest devices.

There’s a lot of benefits that come with investing in the latest technology, so don’t let your business fall behind the times.

Give training

A lack of knowledge can be one of the leading causes of tech frustration among employees. With technology evolving all the time, your employees and the business can benefit from regular training to get to grips with the latest software and systems. Send a survey to your employees and ask them to rate their proficiency and confidence in using different software, as well as asking them what skills they’d like to learn. Sourcing development opportunities will be a good way for your employees to make sure they can do their jobs effectively as well as help them prepare for any future job opportunities.

Embrace managed IT solutions

Having managed IT solutions for your business can be a good way to eliminate stress due to technology failure. Both small businesses and larger organizations can benefit from having managed IT solutions to help deal with out of hours problems, provide security and other vital components your business needs. While you may have some IT experts in your team, it’s better to leave your vital technology equipment in the hands of experts.

Enforce screen breaks

Are you one of the large proportion of workers who only get up from their desks to go to the bathroom or for lunch? While that may make you sound productive, it is likely causing damage to your health. A screen break is important to help you work towards your daily miles, but it can also put some much-needed distance between you and your computer. Getting frustrated with your computer can be a sign of stress, so stepping back from the situation and returning to it later on can make everything seem much better. It’s unhealthy to spend all day sat down, so try to walk around regularly to help give yourself a rest.
Tech frustration is a nightmare, but not one you have to live with. Next time you find yourself getting angry at the PC, start thinking about how you can improve things to stop you and your colleagues feeling miserable at the hands of a machine.