Time is often cited as a factor why some people miss out on different activities. For example, some could be too busy working to travel. Others could be busy with civic community works and unable to do anything else. Our successful and influential person Missy Castro is all that and more.

We are going to pick her brains to find out how she does it all. Missy is a businesswoman. She is also the chairperson of women and family, youth, and sports, in her community. Not only that, she is also a yoga instructor and radio co-host.

No matter how busy her life is, Missy Castro has started a new blog where she shares the beautiful places she had been to.

Missy Castro

Part 1

Missy, we were talking about your blog and you said it is a hobby and creative outlet. And then you mentioned how nice it would be if you could make a living out of it too.

As busy as you are now, with all the things you do, time is not a reason for you not to do new things. With regards to financial status, you have lesser needs than most people. Even so, you are entertaining thoughts of monetizing your blog.

I can’t say the same for other people. There are those who have pressing needs, and yet, use time as an excuse not to do more.

What are your thoughts on this?

“Nice write-up! Thank you! At the end of this year, I’m planning to retire from my position as chairperson of women and family, youth and sports. Therefore, I would be able to devote more time to blogging. Also, somehow all these opportunities came to me around the same time which is why I’m doing so many things. I could not pass them up!”

Part 2

I suppose there is only so much one person can do. Retiring as chairperson also gives way to other people. Whoever takes over would be thankful for the ‘opportunity’ to serve your community.

Missy, there are different aspects of life. The family is one, others include career, profession, business, spiritual, social, etc. I believe each aspect of our life should enhance all others.
Missy Castro Yoga

As a practitioner of yoga and an instructor, how does yoga enhance the different aspects of our life?

“Yoga, in my opinion, benefits both the mind and body. For the physical aspect, it helps keep your muscles toned. It also gives you good posture, and the flexibility allows for a good range of motion, making your everyday life more comfortable. Yoga gives you more energy and makes you sleep better. So you have more time to spend with work, hobbies, and family because you’re not tired all the time. It also makes you feel more relaxed and have clarity of mind. So one has more patience with people and work, and makes you better at decision making.”

Part 3

What made you decide to be a yoga instructor? And if some of our readers would like to reach out to you, how could they contact you?

“At first I didn’t intend to be an instructor, but I took the teacher training just to learn more about yoga. After the training, I realized I enjoyed teaching as well. They can email me at [email protected] or direct message me on Instagram @missyrcastro.”

Part 4

I have said it time and again, I have a soft spot for soldiers and teachers. Obviously, I consider education to be important, especially from my perspective. I never graduated from college.

How did you get started to be a co-host in a radio talk show on education and what are the things you talk about?

“Thank you for the kind words. I also respect people who, although did not have a formal education, learned and made their own success.”

“Pia Morato, the main host of the show, first thought of interviewing me because of my position as chairperson of women and family, youth and sports. But when I mentioned that I was happy for her and would love to do what she’s doing, she asked me if I wanted to try being her co-host. We had a discussion, and then I tried my first tandem interview with her, and we had a natural chemistry. So from that time it became regular.”

“We talk about anything and everything related to education. Not just classic school education, but out of the box education as well. We also talk to people who can help give the listeners ideas on the different careers they can get into.”

Part 5

Folks, if you want to listen to Pia Morato and Missy Castro, tune-in to Education Radio, DZRJ 810AM, 9am to 10am on Saturdays. Live streaming is available via RJ Planet.

How do you think could our educational system could improve?

“In my opinion, maybe less on instructional, and more on discussions, debates for sparking new ideas, and more of practical/actual experience and how one can relate the learnings to real life.”

Part 6

When I coach my team, one of the first things we talk about is time management. I can’t remember having learned that in school. Of course, I never graduated from college so I may have missed that. I have yet to talk to someone who learned time management in school.

I think the system of education needs to improve and add more of these life skills.

“Yes, that’s true! Although I felt that in a way one learned it because we had so many subjects and things to submit and we had to learn to manage our time.”

Part 7

I agree with you that the education system needs to give focus to practical and actual experience. Also, I think experience, as opposed to academic, is a catalyst for more creativity and ideas.

As our economy grows, there are more jobs requiring good academic backgrounds. Having said that, it would help if creativity includes transitioning to entrepreneurship. What we need is to increase the middle class while decreasing the lower class.

What are your thoughts on this?

“Yes, I agree that there should also be classes on entrepreneurship and teaching people how to start their own business.”

Part 8

Missy Castro APO Floors

Would you like to tell us about your business? Can you share tips to readers who are thinking about starting their own business?

“At APO Floors, we offer a wide range of products to suit different needs, styles, and budgets. We are the only local manufacturer of resilient flooring. Further, we are proudly Philippine made, but manufactured to international standards. APO Floors is a solid company and a part of a century-old conglomerate – The Gonzalo Puyat & Sons Group.”

“For those who are planning to start a business or thinking what sector to get into, I would advise you that even if no one is there to teach you, or to those still in school, even if you have no subject to learn from, you can make the effort to teach yourself. You can get in touch with people who are already in that business, or network with groups of the same interest.”

“For the students, they can take internships to gain practical experience and start making contacts. The quality of products and services are important, but so is the way you present yourself. So learn to market yourself and your product correctly.”

“Public relations and social media also help because even if you have a great business, it might not succeed unless people know about it. There is also a wealth of free or affordable information online. Surfing the net, or check out instructional videos on YouTube to help educate yourself in your chosen field.”

Part 9

The good thing about communicating can be best said by, “I am learning as I speak to you.”

It is good to look up to successful and influential people. It is even better to know what they did to reach their stature.

Missy, what is your definition of success?

“I believe that true success is when you have found something that makes you happy, and makes you feel good. I think it is best summed up by Maya Angelou who said, Success is liking one’s self, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Part 10

If you don’t have influence, you will never be able to lead others. – John Maxwell, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Law of Influence

You are the kind of person who does not back away from challenges and persevere to be an achiever. Leadership is never about the position. As a businesswoman, chairperson, yoga instructor and radio co-host, you have an influence on people.

How do you want to influence people that make you feel fulfilled?

“I would like to influence people to be more physically active. It’s good for the mind and body. It also promotes camaraderie when done in groups. I also hope to encourage people to think out of the box and choose the path they are really passionate about. I find it also important to remind people to always be grateful for their blessings and to see the positive side that comes out of every situation.”

Part 11

What are some of the books you read and would recommend to everyone?

“I think The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a great book. It talks about going on your own personal journey to find yourself. Another book that stands out to me is Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. A novel about human relationships with a lot of drama which is also semi-historical and we learn so much about history from this book aside from the entertainment value.”

Part 12

Missy Castro, our featured successful and influential person. Thank you so much.

The quest for knowledge never stops. When it comes in the form of meeting new people and calling them friends, then it makes it all so much the better.

Do you have final words of inspiration to our readers here?

“It was definitely my pleasure, Robert. Thank you very much for this feature. I really appreciate it. I’m happy also to be meeting people who share my new found passion for blogging.”

“For final words of inspiration, I would say follow your dreams, and a quote by an unknown person I saw online really struck me: If you’re looking for that person who will change your life, look in the mirror.”

Final Thoughts

“Surround yourself with successful people,” Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan said. “And you will achieve their success.”

Missy Castro is an affirmation of what I had learned. I have said time and again that learning is a continuous process. I hope you have learned as much as I did from our featured successful and influential person.

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