On a beautiful afternoon, as I stood at the balcony facing another epic sunset. I had a few minutes so I checked the analytics of this blog. To my dismay, I saw a search term amazing sex kids which led some people to a child sex abuse post I did in the past.

For the uninitiated, this is what happened.

There were some people who searched for ‘amazing sex kids’ and among the top results was a post on this blog. Instead of seeing something the bastards want to see, they found their way to a post I made on Peter Scully.

Do these people realize and understand that sex videos involving kids is a form of child sex abuse?

“Calm down,” I told myself.

Revisiting Peter Scully

It is appalling to think that there are pedophiles. Even worse, some commit heinous crimes by abducting and torturing children for pleasure or money. Take Peter Scully, for instance, whom I wrote about in the past. In the embedded video on that post, he did admit to his crimes and does not feel any remorse.

So, I checked for new updates and found a couple of news articles.

Savage Girl Falls. Inquirer. January 26.

So, the police finally caught Peter Scully’s live-in partner who was once his victim. The police arrested Liezyl Margallo, also known as Savage Girl, for her role in the crimes. But the worse thing she did was to molest and torture a toddler on video.

Peter Scully is the man behind Daisy’s Destruction, which he streams over the dark web for $10,000. This is a sick and horrifying video that includes a scene where they hang an 18-month old girl upside down.

With her legs spread apart, Liezyl molested the poor helpless girl. She also tortured the child by dripping melting candle wax on the child’s private part.

The death penalty seems right for Peter, huh?

Alleged Child Abuser Peter Scully ‘May Still Be Masterminding Porn Network’. The Sydney Morning Herald. January 31.

Even if Peter Scully did admit to the things he did in an interview, he pleaded not guilty in court. Because of that, his child victims are forced to testify. My heart cries out for these young children who have to relive the horrors and atrocities they had to endure.

So, my blood boils at news reports saying he may still be conducting his business on the dark web.

To You Who Searched for Amazing Sex Kids

It is time for you to accept that you are sick and seek professional help. There is no place for pedophilia and you know that. By abusing young children, you are destroying lives.

So, stop the madness. Save yourself while you still could.

Child Sex Abuse

In the Philippines, there are some 7,000 cybercrimes reported each month. What is shocking to know is that half of the cybercrimes involve child sex abuse.

I pity the powerless children who have to suffer at their tender ages. This is the ugly truth of poverty. Young children in the slums are often left to fend for themselves and are easy targets. Not only are they targets of people like Peter Scully, some are rape victims of their own relatives.

Aside from rape, the other form of child sex abuse is online child sex pornography. According to the UNICEF, the Philippines is the number 1 source of child pornography in the world.

Sickening, is it not?

Watch this video of a Filipina child sex abuse victim talk about her experience in online child pornography.

Is there something we could do to help the victims of child sex abuse?