We all know the feeling. Waking up in the morning feeling grim and dull, like our senses have been dulled, as we begin the long and weary effort to start out day and hopefully make it work on time. To add a fitness regime in that can seem like way too much work, so many, many people completely neglect it. It can be a difficult thing to justify. We all profoundly KNOW that we should be exercising and doing right by our health, but sometimes it can feel difficult to keep on track and maintain the morning motivation necessary to enact that plan.

Some people use various methods to make working out exciting. For seasoned lifters looking for a boost, it could be FDA approved supplements to help them overcome their plateau’s. For those in cardio, it could be the purchase of a new pair of running shoes or only running outside instead of cooped up indoors on a treadmill. For those who are struggling to even stick to a standard workout routine, or find the necessity to begin a new one, the following tips are for you:

Watch Motivational Videos

The internet has allowed many voices to be heard, and if you listen to the right voices, you will find a motivational effort and discipline you have never heard before. People like Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Eric The Hip Hop Preacher have burgeoning YouTube audiences, where old and new speeches are hosted to help you understand that living your life without discipline can be much more effort regarding self-neglect than actually maintaining yourself and staying happy.

If you’re struggling to make sense of a workout regime, it might not be the fact that you’re lazy, too lethargic or just ‘not make for it,’ but you might have issues escaping your carefully crafted comfort zone. Over time, you’ll find that there is no way actually to stay in your comfort zone, and so while you can, using it as a launching pad, with the people as mentioned earlier motivating you enough to take that first step, can help you find the way to your dreams.

Buddy Up

If a friend has also expressed concerns about their health and would love to make sure that they stick to a stable regime this time, why not buddy up with them and make sure you both stick to the plan? Overcoming the issues that lead you to these work out difficulties are much easier to amend when you solve them with another person.

Plus, letting them down is a much more significant act, because you will never be able to rationalize the reason for why you let them down. The reverse is true, as your friend will be less inclined to leave you in the dark. No matter how hard the workouts, with a friend there beside you egging you on and asking you for your express support, your workouts can take on a new life. Who knows, you may even develop a much closer friendship than you originally had with that person.

These tips can help you take that initial step out of your comfort zone. In two years, when you have a much healthier mindset and body, you will be so profoundly happy that you started that you will (hopefully) think back to this article and smile. Good luck on your health journey.