I think the intentions of the president is clear. You only have to separate substance from the Duterte rhetoric to see where we are going.

While he has been clear on the war on drugs, his foreign policy has confused people here and abroad.

If there is one word I can use to describe President Rodrigo Duterte, then it is polarizing. With so much more people connected to the Internet, the war of words had raged on for months.

The endless debates, arguments, mudslinging, cyber-bullying continues.

It is as if anyone who talks about Duterte is either an attacker or a defender.

The Controversial Rodrigo Duterte

Colorful Language

Last NBA season, a friend told me that the Warriors had won the seventh game against the Thunder. “Putang-ina, natalo pa ang Oklahoma,” I said. Translation: Son of a whore, Oklahoma lost. (The translation is not exact, but near enough. The use of Putang-ina is in a context that is more comparable to how Americans use son of a bitch.)

People close to me knows I do not spit out cuss words often. I know families who have a problem when talking to people who use foul language. Even so, I dare say there are more people here who do not mind.

On the issue of whether Duterte called the president of United States Barack Obama a son of whore, he did not. The foreign press got it wrong. Still, the intention was clear. Duterte has a problem with the American president. He could not have been clearer when he said weeks later, “Mr. Obama, you can go to hell.”

Tasteless Jokes

“Pope, putang-ina mo, umuwi ka na,” Duterte wanted to tell the pope. “Huwag ka nang magbisita dito.” Translation: Pope, you are a son of a bitch, go home. Don’t come visiting again.

Of course, Duterte was cracking a joke. That was after being stuck in horrendous traffic during the pope’s visit.

On another occasion, he narrated a hostage-taking incident in Davao City in 1989. That was when an Australian missionary was gang-raped. “Putang ina. Parang artistang Amerikana. Ni rape. Nagalit ako. Sana ang mayor muna ang nauna.” Translation: Son of a bitch. She looked like an American actress. She was raped. I was angry. The mayor should have been first.

The jokes may have elicited laughter from the crowds, but there are also people who are sensitive. There is a fine line between what is funny and what is tasteless.

While I may laugh at the joke he made on the pope, I found the reference to the missionary tasteless.

Hitler and the Jews

In a speech, Duterte talked about how some people compared him to Adolf Hitler. Upset, he went on to say that if the Germans had Hitler, then the Philippines have him. Further, he said Hitler killed 3 million Jews, so here he is killing 3 million drug addicts.

As expected, the Jewish community reacted to the Duterte rhetoric.

There were up to 6 millions victims of the holocaust. Without a doubt, it was one of the darkest times in the history of mankind.

Duterte has since apologized to the Jewish community.

Leila de Lima and the Alleged Sex Video

On Senator Leila de Lima being guilty of taking or accepting drug money, no one but the people involved knows.

I have my opinion, but to go public as a blogger is not only unfair but also irresponsible.

I understand the importance of proving that the senator had a relationship with her former bodyguard. Whether it is a valid evidence or otherwise, that conversation belongs in legal proceedings.

The Duterte rhetoric, his allegations, has been unrelenting. But the question is, could it be true? And by true, I am referring to accepting money, not the sex video.

Duterte Rhetoric Aside

The exit of Washington’s strategic ally from its absolute influence is consistent with the interests of our country,” Sergei Aksenov explained. “At the same time, it’s important to note that Duterte is not rushing from one ally to another, but looks to maintain a multi-vector policy which is first and foremost in the interests of his own country.”

Source: MiGs for Manila: What Happens if Moscow Starts Supplying Philippines with Arms

The circus at the Senate of the Philippines has ended. The truth is, any investigation on extrajudicial killings should be in the judicial system. The same is true of the ongoing congressional hearing on drugs.

I am of the opinion that the senators and congressmen can better serve the people by doing their mandate. The hearings the senate conducted and congress is currently conducting reek of politics.

What I am more concerned about is the realignment of foreign policy and how this could change the dynamics of the balance of power in the world.

How Duterte talks has no bearing on the international community. He told the United Nations to go fuck themselves, and the European Union to choose purgatory after telling Obama to go to hell. Those are words, not acts. Let’s see what happens after Duterte visits China.