I posted a photo of my birdie friend some time ago on Facebook. But what I didn’t mention was the secret my birdie revealed to me. So I am spilling the beans to you today and let you in on the secret to life itself.

I was more than halfway through my cheesecake when my birdie friend dropped by. “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” I asked. “Do you want some of my food?”

“It does look delicious, doesn’t it?” Birdie said. “I wouldn’t pass up on that.” He hops on the plate and took a bite.

Sharing food with my birdie friend. #Maya #MayangSimbahan #TreeSparrow #Sparrow #CBTL

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“So how have you been?” I asked my birdie buddy. “It has been raining hard the past few days. There are floods everywhere, and people are angry with the hellish traffic jams.”

Birdie takes a step here and there and said, “That’s the thing with you, humans. It’s so easy to see all the negativities,” he skips and hops on the table. “If only you could see life as I do, then you would have a better appreciation of life.”

Birdie is a Eurasian Tree Sparrow. In the Philippines, there are several species of sparrows called maya. The little bird hopping on top of the table is a mayang simbahan (church maya or church sparrow).

Birdie Talks About History

“So you see life from another perspective,” I asked. “How is that so?”

“Do you know what happens when I come close to humans here? They shoo me away. You are the only one who has been actually nice to me,” Birdie said. “Did you know that once upon a time in China, Mao Zedong mobilized 3 million of your kind to kill my ancestors?”

“I read up on that,” I said. “As a result, the imbalance in nature and other pests proliferated destroying crops. And that famine resulted in the death of 30 million people.”

Birdie Talks About Life

“Humans complain about a lot of things not knowing how good life is.” Birdie started to flap his wings and said, “Watch.” He flew to another table and just like he said, the other customer shooed him away.

“I try to be nice,” I said as soon as returned to my table. “It’s not every day when a bird like you drops by on my table.”

“You better make damn sure I look good in your photos,” Birdie said and took another bite. “This thing is yummy. What is it called?”

“Cheesecake.” I wondered if my birdie friend could finish the rest of the cheesecake. “So you were going to tell me how you see life.”

“Do you know what it feels like to be hungry and driven away by people?” I watch him take another bite and said, “I suppose the feeling must be horrible. As a matter of fact, I posted something about that on my blog.”

A heart-wrenching video of a little girl shows us how we treat children differently. It brings up the question: “Do we even care at all?”#AmazingLifeDaily #ForEveryChild #FightUnfair #UNICEF

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“Human friend, let me tell you two things.” He looks at me and continued, “First of all, I don’t give a damn if most humans drive me away. There will always be people like you who would be nice to me. And secondly, while humans are busy having tantrums at the age of two, I would be old and soon to die.”

Birdie Reveals the Secret

“I realize how short my life is so instead of hiding myself in some dark confined spaces, I fly to see the world.” I watched my birdie friend pacing on the table. “It doesn’t bother me one bit that I am treated like a disease carrier and avoided. Let me share a secret with you.”

Life is too short to for me to bother with negativities.

“I have to agree with you,” I said. “It does make sense. Life is too short and my people need to understand that.”

“Exactly, my human friend.” Birdie takes another bite of my cheesecake. “Hey, I have to go. Thanks for sharing the cheesecake. See you again, buddy.”

“Can I post this on my blog?” I asked. “I will make sure I pick your best shots.”

“Does it make you happy to post … whatever. If that is what you must do, then do it,” and with that, my birdie buddy flew away.