The importance of getting into the top universities in the Philippines cannot be overstated. In fact, your career begins with the university you attend. The higher the salary, the more companies favor diplomas from the prestigious universities. For that reason, the competition to get accepted is stiff, which is why UPCAT, ACET, and DCAT review centers exist.

Up until this point, there is a chance that your impression of a review center is the same as that of tutorial centers. Although related, they are different.

A little over three decades ago, anyone in our school who has to have a tutor is someone who failed in some subjects. But through the years, as new generations take over, the perception of education evolved. And with that, the way people see tutorial centers and tutors changed too.

Today, good tutorial centers are a means for students to understand their lessons better. UPCAT review centers (and others) are different in the sense that their purpose is not to help students understand. Their purpose is to help you review relevant lessons, as well as doing it better and in a more efficient manner.

Pros and Cons of UPCAT, ACET & DCAT Review Centers

In an earlier post, you read about the pros and cons of self-study and how a group study could help you prepare. Deciding to enroll in a review center also has its distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of College Entrance Exams Review Centers

Just thinking about the sheer amount of lessons to review is already overwhelming. The more you think about it, the less probable that you could review years of lessons in a few months’ time. As I mentioned in the first post of this series, the first thing you do is to organize. But it can be confusing without proper guidance, and this is where review centers come in.

A good review center will have a vast experience with college entrance examinations. They have all the materials you need and could help you review. As a business, it is in the best interest of review centers to do what they advertise. It is important for them that students qualify for the universities they tested for.

Unfortunately, no review centers can guarantee that you are going to pass. The closest thing is the money-back guarantee offered by Ahead Tutorial and Review Center. What a review center can do is to increase your chances of succeeding.

One thing you are going to appreciate is that you could actually save time. Instead of reviewing everything, including those that are not important, review centers let you focus on what is relevant. As a result, you end up with more time for others and you are not overloaded.

Disadvantages of College Entrance Exams Review Centers

There are only two disadvantages to review centers.

One is the cost. You have to pay money and if you are fortunate, then your parents could afford to send you to one. But for most families, that is not the case.

The other disadvantage of review centers is dependent on how well you do your due diligence. So as long as you can afford it, there is no downside if you choose a good review center. But the same cannot be true for all review centers.

Let me put it this way. There are review centers, and then there are the good review centers. While some provide your basic needs, others could do it better and do it the right way.

Setting aside the issue of money, review centers only become a disadvantage if you chose the wrong one.

Beyond Review Centers

Review centers are not the end to the means. It is only one of the things at your disposal as you continue your life journey. What I mean by that is at home, you should spend some time reviewing on your own. If you are a part of a study group, help out the others if you could, but not to the point of spoon feeding.

Because review centers allow you to use your time better, that means you have time for other activities. Keep an active lifestyle and stay fit and strong. You should also eat healthy balanced meals.

Healthy food and physical exercise help you learn faster and remember the lessons.

There is more to life than only studying. But what other things you do, be sure that they all contribute to a healthy study/life balance.

Are UPCAT, ACET & DCAT Review Centers for You?

Here is a quick question for you.

If you are planning to enroll at Ateneo de Manila University, does it follow that you have to look for ACET review centers? Do you have to find UPCAT review centers if you are targeting University of the Philippines?

The answer is no.

A good review center will cover the top three universities in the Philippines. But that is where it ends. Beyond what review centers cover, there is more to that before you decide.

But to answer the question of whether or not a review center is for you, it all comes down to this.


As soon as you enroll in a college or university, the paths you could take in the future is revealed. Getting yourself into a top university gives you more paths to take. Do well and graduate at the top of your batch and you have the luxury of choosing which company to work for.

But first, you need to clear one hurdle first, the college entrance examinations.

If a review center can help you pass, is the cost worth it?