Are you eating too many unhealthy snacks throughout the day? Quitting snacking isn’t easy – for some of us snacking can be almost subconscious. Here are some tips for making it easier to put a lif on your snacking addiction.

Stop stocking snacks

An obvious way to stop snacking is to remove the temptations from your home. Stop buying snacks and get rid of the ones currently in your home. This doesn’t stop you snacking whilst out of the house, but could help you cut down in the evenings. If you live with people that don’t want to forgo their snacks, ask them to hide their supplies of treats so that you haven’t got the temptation.

Chew gum

Some people find that chewing gum instead of snacking can help to satisfy the craving. This could be because chewing gums gets the salivary glands and tastebud receptors working, sending positive signals to our brain. Of course, gum should be sugar-free in order to get the health benefits.

Take a drink

Rather than eating a snack, why not have a drink instead? This won’t just trigger taste receptors, it can actually help to fill you up. Obviously this should ideally be something healthy such as a glass of water, a cup of tea or some pure juice. Coffee and alcoholic drinks can make us more hungry in many cases, so avoid these drinks if you’re trying to satisfy your craving.

Lower your leptin levels

Leptin is the hunger hormone that gives us the urge to snack. Certain foods can help to reduce your leptin levels such as whole-grain pasta, brown rice and bran cereals due to the complex carbohydrates within these foods. There are also products out there such as MunchEase, which can lower our leptin levels and reduce this urge to snack. These could be a great supplement for fighting your snacking addiction.

Get help with apps

Certain apps can also help you curb your snacking habit. The likes of Food T can help you to associate snacks as a negative thing, making you feel guilty about reaching for that chocolate bar or bag of chips. There are lots of apps out there worth trying out.

Switch to healthy snacks

Snacking itself isn’t unhealthy – it’s what you snack on that makes the difference. In fact, eating healthy snacks throughout the day can curb your appetite so that you don’t eat as big portions during meals. The healthiest snacks are foods that aren’t processed. Fruit such as bananas and strawberries are excellent foods for snacking on. Other healthy snacks include popcorn, oatmeal, yoghurts and fat-free pretzels.

Occasionally you may want to spice up certain foods with dips. This could include carrots sticks in hummus or raspberries with yogurt. Make sure to always read the sugar content as foods as there are some cereal bars and yoghurts out there that can be deceivingly unhealthy due to the added sugar. Other foods are actually healthier than they may seem such as dark chocolate and turkey jerky.