When we love someone, we want this someone to have the best of everything, to be happy. Now many of us do not realize this, but there are situations when we wish that the people we love would die. At the same time, there are people who are on the path to punishing people they love.

When my mother got sick with cirrhosis, we tried to save her. I believe the doctors here did everything they could. My father brought her abroad to seek further medical help. We sought divine intervention. Even as we try to keep her alive towards the final days, I had moments when I wished it would end for her. The pain and suffering were too much to witness.

I had wondered what was going through her mind. The physical pain must have been unbearable. But worse was the emotional pain of knowing she was going to die.

It has been a quarter of a century since she died. I will never forget the pain and sorrow of losing my mother. I believe when we lose someone we love, we are scarred for life.

In a twisted way, my mother had it easier. Her brother lived and waged war against cancer for seven long years. His doctor had said he would have only two years. On his final days, the medical staff had to put restraints because my uncle wanted to kill himself. Drugs were not helping ease the intense pain and he was suffering.

Some of you may not understand this. But I think many of you could relate and knows how it feels to see a person you love suffering so much.

People who love a person suffering suffer too.

Punishing People Who Love You

Chronic degenerative diseases are illnesses acquired over a period of time. Do you know anyone who has cardiovascular disease? Perhaps you know someone who has cancer? How about respiratory diseases or diabetes?

For some people, these diseases may be genetic. For others, it could be because of failure to act on prevention.

Prevention of degenerative diseases begins with the refusal to be unaware and uninformed. There is no reason why you could not spend the time to learn about the top killers and how to them. After learning comes the hard part, being proactive in prevention. It’s a pity that there are many people who refuse to change their lifestyle.

Stop the Stupidity and Selfishness

If you knew what you were doing will lead to serious health risks, would you stop? Would you change your lifestyle if it means you will live a healthier life?

Even if most people say yes, the fact is that most people do not act on it. If you think life is too good to restrict yourself, then think of the pain and suffering you will go through.

Think of your loved ones. Think of how you are punishing people who love you if you get sick. Does it make you feel good for the people who love you to wish you would die so that both your suffering would end?