Working from home is not as easy as you might hope. Sure, you have unlimited access to the fridge, you can take breaks whenever you want, and you don’t have to keep your music down. But working from home requires more discipline than going into an office every day; without a boss looking over your shoulder, you need to be responsible for sticking to your deadlines. If you want to keep your creative flow at its peak, you need to make sure your home office promotes productivity.

Maintain Work/Life Balance

Experts recommend that you shouldn’t bring your work home with you, but this is a tough rule to follow if you work at home. The best solution is to set up an area in the quietest room in the house and keep the door closed during office hours for privacy. This will help you maintain that boundary within your home where work begins and ends. Make sure your office has enough natural light coming through, and that you keep it free from clutter. For some people, subtle scents can soothe the stress of thought blockages and procrastination, resulting in increased focus.

Get Comfortable

If you’re sticking to regular office hours, you’re going to spend around eight hours a day sitting at your new desk. In which case, you need to take precautions against back pain, fatigue, and eye strain. You can do this by getting an ergonomic office chair from Crossford as these provide the necessary lumbar and pelvic support to promote healthy posture. Good spinal alignment leads to reduced headaches, back pain, and it can significantly improve breathing, concentration, and endurance through long hours of seated task work. You should also reduce eye strain by taking a break every twenty minutes. This will go a long way to reducing headaches and fatigue.

Take Regular Breaks

The next time you’re due for a break, step outside your office for ten to fifteen minutes and either make yourself a hot drink, find some quality reading material, or invest in some simple exercise equipment to get your blood flowing. A set of resistance bands, light weights or even a jump rope is really good to get you out of the sedentary lifestyle for a few minutes each day. Not only will your brain function a little better, but eventually all the exercise will add up. Even a short walk around the block will give you some much-needed fresh air.

Up to Date Technology

Technology is the best colleague all remote workers can have because it can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you need to organize, and it can make everything run more efficiently; that is if it works. With most remote jobs, all you need is a laptop and good wifi. If your wifi keeps stopping, or your laptop breaks down too often, you need to look into sorting out the problem. The last thing you need is to miss an important deadline because your technology kept malfunctioning.