After 42 years, the title of Miss Universe is back in the hands of a Filipina. For one year, Pia Wurtzbach will represent the Philippines on the international stage. She would be active in various charitable works. At her homecoming, huge crowds greeted the heroine. What is Pia Wurtzbach’s story?

Pia Wurtzbach Story

Life in the Philippines is hard for most Filipinos. Time has proven that when faced with hardship, the more there is a need for heroes. Heroes give people one thing to help them get through the struggles of life.


People like Manny Pacquiao gives hope to the people. Pride is trivial. The day will come when the Filipino boxing legend steps away from the ring. All we could cling on is history itself, for it is history that will tell the narrative of the poor boy who made it big.

The pride of the Philippines does not change the lives of people.

But his story is one of hope.

There are other areas where Filipinos are world-renowned. Music is one, and the other is beauty pageants. There are many other areas Filipinos are good at, but for this post, indulge me.

Pia Wurtzbach gave the country immense pride and joy when she won the Miss Universe 2015. Despite the boo-boo committed by host Steve Harvey, her victory is sweet and IT IS A BIG DEAL.

Failing to Succeed

Her story started when she was 11 years old and became the breadwinner of her family. “It was not an easy life,” she often says during interviews.

Easy or not, she did what she had to do. In fact, her early struggles and exposure to the hardships of life prepared her for what was coming.

She didn’t win it all the first time. On succeeding times, while there were people who supported her, there were bashers too.

“People are saying na trying hard daw ako,” says Pia Wurtzbach. “Yeah, I try hard talaga. I try very hard. I try very hard because this is what I want.”

It had been a month since the Miss Universe pageant and Filipinos can’t seem to get enough. I was not surprised to see the massive turnout of people on her homecoming parade.

Everywhere she went, there were hundreds and thousands of fans cheering and celebrating.

A Message of Hope

I have nothing against admiring people who have done remarkable things. I had hoped that people would learn the lessons Pia Wurtzbach gave us.

The controversy surrounding the conclusion of the Miss Universe pageant has not died down. People are talking about Miss Colombia and Steve Harvey.

Controversy sells, doesn’t it?

Once the controversy dies down, how about you? Has your life changed for the better?

So I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that for as long as you believe in yourself, you can.

Pia Wurtzbach showed how she ignored her bashers and look at her now. She has failed again and again in the past, and because of that, she succeeded.

No matter what people tell you, and even if you fail, you fail forward.


  1. Very deep! People approach Pia Wurtzbach’s success according on how their heart and their mindset understand. Whatever way Pia has become a blessing for Philipines and its people. By the way, I have many Philipines friends, and I like Filipino pancit (a dish which is similiar to Indonesian dish called Bihum).

    • Rose,

      Yes, Pia is truly a blessing when people look at her for inspiration and have her mind set on accomplishing her goals rather than drool over her beauty.

      It’s good too that you have many Filipino friends. Perhaps one day you could come visit the land where Pia Wurtzbach was born.

  2. Fantastic story! There are so many amazing people out there, without the blogging community we would never get to hear about many of them probably. Yes, I am a great believer of ‘never give up’ … failure is part of the game. But as we say … good things come to those who believe strong and work hard! And so I’ve learned again something new … Pia Wurtzbach and Manny Pacquiao (not really into boxing) … I am sure, I will stumble upon these names again. Thanks for this lovely post!

  3. I have never particularly liked pageants. I always viewed them as superficial rather than a celebration of values, character or intelligence. I must say though Robert your post really inspired me to view things a little differently.

    I have admiration for Pia’s strength, determination and view to inspire others. It goes to show that everybody is beautiful and has their own personal battles. Thank you.

  4. Excellent piece… so true we only see the glamor but are unaware of the struggles and hard work that has gone to achieve the same. There is the lesson that we need to learn.

    Glad to understand the perspective of her win from Philippines’ perspective!

  5. This was an interesting read, as I don’t follow any of the pageant news. It’s fascinating that the contest is such a major event in other countries because in America (at least not where I live) you rarely hear anything about them aside from the outcome.

  6. Very inspirational story and an interesting read. Behind every success there are years of struggles and practice to perfection, no matter what kind of success that it and in which field. Nobody woke up over night being successful, even lottery winners fail to it because they are not mentally prepared for such amounts. And they fail. Success has a lot of hard work and sweat behind it.

  7. We all need heroes. And all these people arise from amongst us. And that is truly inspirational. And you make a point Robert when you say that people being accepted by western world seems to be a benchmark. It is the same thing in India too.

  8. This is inspiring! I hope more people would realize that we shouldn’t always be on the look out for heroes, but instead, we have to be the heroes ourselves. Happy Sunday!


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