Did people fail me or did I fail people?

Consider this.

Imagine yourself as a business owner (franchisor) with several franchises all around the city. Some of your franchisees are doing well, while others are failing. Who is to blame here?

In network marketing, people under my organization are business entities (similar to franchisees). If there are people who did not earn, who is to blame? Did these people fail me or did I fail these people?

Silver Director

Last December, my goal was to earn my first $1,000 in a week. If I achieve that goal, I would have rank advanced to a silver director.

It would have been easier if every person in my team would work together. The collective effort of the whole team would have made things easier.

But not everyone was willing to work or follow a proven system.

Imagine a franchise refusing to follow the system provided by the franchisor.

So that is what happened.

I accomplished my goal to rank, but in the process, had to do most of the work myself.

There were people in my organization who did not earn an income that week. “If they will not do anything at all, then it’s no longer my fault,” I told myself again and again.

But I was feeling miserable because I wanted them to earn.

Did People Fail Me?

“There’s nothing I could do,” I told my mentor. “I have coached them but they refuse to work on their business.”

My mentor listened to me as I told him everything I did to help these people. Once I finished, he asked me. “Were there things you could have done in a different way that would have a better result?”

I Fail People

Assigning blame is immature. Still, I blamed others for not earning because of their own undoing.

The better thing to do was to check myself and find areas I could improve on. But by refusing to take responsibility, I was hindering my growth.

No matter how lazy people could be, no matter if they are the ones who procrastinate, it was on me.

I failed because I did not inspire them enough for them to take action.

Personal Development Continues

I shared my story to emphasize the importance of continuing self-education. Personal development should never end. It’s not about reading X number of books or attending X number of seminars. Personal development is about developing habits.

Friends, in your own way, how do you grow yourself today?