As an online freelancer writing articles for clients, there is a need to communicate. Depending on the scope of work, the time spent communicating could be long. As such, having a relationship one way or another happens, and so does a love affair.

Is it possible for someone working online to fall in love with a client?

Of course, falling in love is one thing, and having a love affair is another. While the former could be one-way, the latter means there is reciprocation.

Is having a love affair with a client a good idea?

I suppose some of you may have noticed the use of the plural form of a client in the title.

I assure you, that was not a mistake.

By now, you must think that I have all these weird ideas in my head. But that is not the case in this post.

In fact, once you finish this article, chances are high that you would agree to the next statement.

Online freelancers should have love affairs with clients.

Falling in Love

No matter what some people might think or say, falling in love happens. Even those who say they have never fallen in love are lying. In some cases, the denial is because of pride that is driven by an inferiority complex.

So, at this point, we have established that people do fall in love.

We do understand that loving someone does not mean the feeling is mutual.

The choice of loving someone is personal, and no one should interfere. But in a working relationship, falling in love could be a bad idea.

Still, I maintain the importance of falling in love with clients.

Love Affair with Clients

As I alluded to earlier, love affair means there is reciprocation. One could fall in love with the other. If the other reciprocates, then we have an affair going on.

Being an online freelancer, it’s also common to have several clients at the same time.

I think it’s important to have a love affair with them all.

Tell me, what’s not to love with a client?

Think of the benefit of the money we earn from clients.

Who benefits from that income?

Who benefits when you pay for house rent or put food on the table?

How important is the money you are earning?

If it’s that important, then how could we not love the client who makes it happen?

Because we tend to do everything we could in the name of love, how much more could we give the clients we love so much?

Let me explain how I see a love affair between an online freelancer and a client.

No matter the experience or the skill level, love makes things possible.

A freelancer would always think of the best interest of the client. They would upgrade their skills to do their job better. Furthermore, they would invest in new skills to provide a higher quality of work.

Once a client realizes how dedicated and proactive the online freelancer is, they reciprocate.

And that relationship continues to grow stronger.

Bad Online Freelancers and Bad Clients

I agree.

Some online freelancers remain stagnant and never thought of growing themselves. There are also those who would cheat the clients. In other words, there are people who want to earn the most while doing the least, in a wrong way.

I also agree that there are clients who do not deserve an ounce of love. While some are scammers, others couldn’t care less about the freelancers they hired. All they care about is paying the least amount of money to get the most amount of work done.

In the case of problematic freelancers, clients are likely to end their contracts.

But what if the online freelancer has proven to be capable, dedicated, and in some cases, work more hours than agreed upon?

Should they ditch their clients who are shortchanging them?

Of course, they should. But they should ditch the clients only after they have completed their contract. Before that, they should work with the same love and dedication given to good clients.

Final Thoughts on Working with Love and Dedication

There were people I talked to who said, “Clients only care about their benefits.”

From experience as well as anecdotes from veterans, that is not always true. As a matter of fact, some clients do take care of the people they hire.

Unfortunately, there are fewer of the good clients than the ones who are likely to take advantage.

I chose the title of the post and used love in the early parts of the post to drive home one point.

We have fallen in love many times in the past, but most of the times, we fell for the wrong person or someone who did not love us back.

And when talking about love, it doesn’t have to be romantic love all the time. It could also be loving a family member or even friends.

The point is that we understand it’s human nature for people not to love someone back.

In the same manner, we need to understand that not all clients are good. But that does not stop us from loving each client we agreed to work with.

Finally, it’s true that clients choose the online freelancers they hire. But as freelancers, we do choose the clients we want to work with.