Nothing makes a blogger happier than to know there are people reading their blogs. I am no different. Today, August 1, 2016, I have one million reasons to feel good.

One Million Hits

The content of Amazing Life Daily is on a physical server located in the United States.

I have access to the server, for obvious reasons, and there is a utility called Webalizer. I use this to check the metrics or performance of the blog such as visitors.

When I checked today, I saw that I have received a total of one million hits from January to the end of July.

BUT … Hold on … One million hits don’t mean there were one million visitors (including you). It represents the total number of accessed files.

To put this in context, tens of files (documents) make up this post that you are currently reading.

The actual number of visitors in this period was 74,000.

It’s not that I am fooling myself, but more like I am looking at one million as a way of inspiring myself more.

If there is one thing I learned from being a part of XTRM 1-11, it is setting goals. Okay, that is not fair. We coach people on much more than goals alone.

Anyway, goals need to be manageable and time-bound. So I am using one million hits to set my next goal.

I achieved that goal in six months. If the blog remains consistent, that means another million hits in six more months.

There are two ways I can look at it, and either way, I achieve the same results. I can shorten the time it takes to hit the next million hits, or I can increase the hits over the next six months.

How I do it does not matter.

What does matter is that I feel good.

Reasons to Feel Good

Thinking in positive is good. I have said time and again that negative thinking is a hindrance to succeeding.

But positive thinking can be a disadvantage too.

Positive thinking without action is tantamount to living in a fantasy world. Dreams do not come true this way.

But when you find reasons to be positive with the intent to use it to inspire you to take action, that takes you places.

Granted that you cannot create energy, you can generate it by converting from positivity.

So go ahead, friends. Find reasons to feel good about and use it to inspire yourself to succeed in your goals.

A small win is a nice achievement. But do not dwell on small wins alone. Small wins are inspirations to bigger wins.