Update: One day after publishing this post, Nuffnang Philippines announced the winners of the Live with the King blog contest.

As always, rather than focusing on the details, I would like to take a look at the big picture. Here I am referring to a blog contest offered by Nuffnang Philippines called Live with the King. Unfortunately, my experience is more like Die with the King.

Participants of this contest were to write about the Huawei Nexus 6P. This is not about the self-proclaimed King of Android (at that time), but the contest itself.

Let’s begin with the specifications of Huawei Nexus 6P. It has … KIDDING. Oh no, you are I are going to talk about something else.

Nuffnang Philippines and Live with the King

Nuffnang Philippines is the largest and world’s leading blog advertising community in the Philippines. That is according to them and as posted on their Twitter profile.

On March 30, 2016, Nuffnang Philippines launched a contest call Live with the King.

Look at that, 3 winners will get a Huawei Nexus 6P. All bloggers have to do was to write and/or do a video about the Huawei Nexus 6P and submit before the deadline.

“That’s a great way to generate publicity,” I thought to myself. “Not only do bloggers have to post, but also share on social media.”

I did have doubts, though, “but I can’t write about products I have not used and tested, so I am passing up on this one.”

“Three weeks left. Should I or shouldn’t I?” I am intrigued since I have never joined a blog contest before. “How do I write about the Huawei Nexus 6P without compromising my standards on blogging?”

I relented. On April 18, I published Live with the King: Huawei Nexus 6P and share on social media, following the guidelines of the mechanics of the contest.

“3 more days to go and it’s on.” I thought when I saw that tweet from Nuffnang Philippines. “May the best bloggers win.”

It’s April 30, 2016. From the Twitter feeds, I saw many bloggers submitting their posts. It doesn’t matter if they procrastinated and took their time before posting. Whatever the reason, they did what they had to do and submitted before the deadline. Good job, bloggers.

I saw there were submissions posted on Twitter after the deadline too. “Tough luck, latecomers. You are out of the contest. Perhaps next time.”

Winners of the Live with the King Blog Contest

The contest ended on April 30, there was nothing else that I could do but wait for the announcement of the winners. Having never participated in a blog contest before, I had no idea when they will announce the winners.

And then Nuffnang Philippines tweets this:

“Extended by 10 more days? That is unfair to those who scrambled to beat the original deadline.” As a businessman, I thought this was not only unfair but breaches the trust of bloggers. Those who submitted on time deserves better.

If this is an acceptable practice in the blogging industry, then something wrong here.

On May 10, 2016, Nuffnang Philippines tweeted this:

“I hope after three days, there would be no more extension.”

Where are the Winners of the Huawei Nexus 6P

On June 24, 2016, I send a message to Nuffnang Philippines and asked, “Hi. I have a question on the Live with the King blog contest. Kelan announce ang winners?” (When are you announcing the winners?)

I received a reply on June 28, 2016. “Hi, Robert. Our latest update from Huawei was that they are still shortlisting entries. They have been taking a long time because of the many entries. Our apologies on their behalf and we hope you understand.”

Of course, I did.

So Huawei Philippines is taking its time. Well, if there are a lot of entries, then it follows that they would need time to pick the winners.

And then …

So I saw Ami’s tweet and much to my surprise, learned that Nuffnang Philippines already has a list of winners.

I replied to Ami that I, too, was waiting. And I did say this Live with the King blog contest makes for a good case study.

Which is why you are reading this post.

Winners and Losers

For sure, there are winners here. The winners are the three people who will get a Huawei Nexus 6P – brand new. Of course, I am hoping to be one of them. There are losers too. It appears that there are over a hundred entries. But there are only two losers here.

Nuffnang Philippines

Nuffnang Philippines could have communicated better with bloggers.

As an option to replying to individual queries, they could have sent mass emails or post updates.

Also, a deadline is a deadline. The must be no extension, and this is to be fair to the participants who followed the deadline. At the same time, there must be a definite date of the announcement of winners.

Nuffnang Philippines could have done things in a different way.

Having a good relationship with bloggers is important. As a business, it is in the best interest of Nuffnang Philippines to nurture its relationship with bloggers.

Huawei Philippines

Whether you like it or not, your brand is what is on the mind of participating bloggers. Maybe the people in charge are not familiar with how social media and blogging works. Let me share this with you.

For most bloggers, the reason why they got into blogging is that they have the passion for writing. Blogging is an expression of one’s self. Blogs are the medium used to express personal thoughts and feelings, observations, and opinions.

It is true that there are bloggers who would write anything if there is a compensation of some form. But most bloggers do have their individual standards where they would only post products or reviews they like.

When you treat bloggers in a fair manner, especially when you make bloggers feel appreciated, good things happen. For example, it is within the realm of possibilities that bloggers do several posts about their experience with you.

As for me, this is my experience and opinion on the blog contest. Other bloggers, such as Ami Chan, shares her opinion here.

Final Thoughts

I would like to end this post with a special message to Nuffnang Philippines, Huawei Philippines, and bloggers.

Nuffnang Philippines, compassion is as important as getting contracts. Be compassionate, as many of the bloggers who participated are not earning enough money to support an adequate lifestyle. Bloggers are people too and as humans, there is an inherent need to feel important. Sigmund Freud says so.

Huawei Philippines, more than the experience of the product itself, it is how you make bloggers feel that influences them. A positive experience means positive write-ups. A negative experience means negative write-ups. And it’s not only on blogs. It could be on social media, and through word of mouth.

Bloggers and friends, rather than being critical or staying quiet, it is best to express your concerns. Share your experience, so that the end result would be a better relationship between an advertising platform and companies. Good companies have good people who would go to great extent to ensure that communication and experience improves. If you feel that you are not appreciated, then you are better off focusing on other events/opportunities.

If you are commenting, please leave constructive ones.