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Moving Offices When Your Whole Business Is Online

Move Office

Yes, even online businesses have to have office spaces once they have reached a certain point. You might have started off as a sole trader working in your pyjamas on a laptop balanced on a cushion in bed, but now you’ve hit the big leagues, your employees will want actual desks if not a full office at their disposal.

Choosing the Right Size

When you are choosing an office, you need to keep a few things in mind before you start signing any paperwork:

  1. Is there room for expansion here?
  2. Will we get trapped into a long term lease that won’t suit us in the future?
  3. Can we afford the rent

Now that you have read these questions, they probably seem quite obvious, but the impact they will have will certainly make you think more clearly about what your priorities are now and what they might be in the future according to your business plan.

If you can’t immediately think of what you want your business to look like in the future, how many staff you intend to employ over the next 5 years or what your budget for rent is, you are in big trouble.

The smart thing to do as a startup is to look for a shorter contract for an office just a bit bigger than you need so that you have room to expand but won’t get trapped. Plus, this is the best way to ensure that you are getting something you can really afford now that will still work later on.

Get Help Relocating

If you are an IT genius, this might not bother you so much, but if you have a full office to kit out with everything you need from the photocopier through to your servers, it makes sense to bring in a company like Mustard IT who will be able to work over the weekend and have everything ready by Monday morning.

Moving office is a bit of a pain, especially if your new space isn’t all ready when your employees arrive. Nothing says disorganised like a bunch of office staff sat around waiting for their computers to be set up or for someone to dig out the kettle from a pile of boxes. In fact, it’s not just the IT stuff, getting professional movers to help with big things like desks, chairs and any other furniture will quite literally take the weight off you and your employees.

Balance Your Expenses

Your business is online and this is where the vast majority of your customers will still find you. This means that instead of taking money out of your budget for traffic and influencers, you should try to be sparing with office decor. You don’t need to look like an all singing all dancing corporation like Google just yet, so keep things simple and don’t be too extravagant with your expenses here.

Moving office for an online business is always a practical decision so weigh the pros and cons of all your choices before you spend a single penny to ensure that you get exactly what you need without overdoing it.