Life as a medical professional can be as stressful as it can be rewarding. Although helping people and giving care is probably high up on your list of reasons for choosing this path, the job comes with a bit more than that. Hectic shifts, paperwork, and patients with different needs, all of which you have to complete within a strict time frame; it’s no wonder that physicians try to find that bit of calm in the midst of their workday.

If you’re preparing to be a physician, you’re going to face some of your busiest days yet. And the most important thing you can do for those around you is to stay as calm as possible. Here is the best advice from other professionals out there, so you can start right away.

Be Mindful

When you have a mountain of tasks on your mind, but the situation calls for you to be present, it’s time to take a deep breath. It’s typically human to think about the next task ahead and try to prepare ourselves for it. But sadly, doing so compromises your ability to be at the moment.

It might just mean that you’re a bit more distant and confused than you’d normally be without so much on your mind; in worst case scenario, this confusion leads to mistakes and could affect your patients. Remember to communicate clearly to avoid confusion and ask for help if it gets too much.

Try to recognize it in yourself when you start to feel stressed and when your mind is about to drift onto the next task. When you’re with a patient, this becomes especially important, so it’s a good idea to practice it before you go in. Clear your head, take a few breaths and slow down.

Remember to Take Breaks

Being in a highly demanding, challenging and rewarding job means that it’s easy to get caught up, so taking breaks becomes especially important. It’s logical but so easy to forget when you’re trying to get through a busy work day. If you’re not able to take the number of breaks you need, it’s important to talk about this to someone who might be able to help, as well as looking at locum tenens staffing while you’re at it. Although there’s a lot to do, and you don’t want to waste precious time. Not spending time on yourself is likely to affect how well you do your job.

It also means that you need to remember to take time off from work. The summer holidays may be particularly hectic for medical professionals, but you still deserve some off time so that you can perform as well as you can. Even just a few days off means more energy and more focus when you’re back in the uniform.

Connect and Disconnect

To be able to calm down and breathe easier, it helps to stay off those electronic devices. Studies show that they cause us to stress more and, even worse, take our concentration away from where it should be. A smart move is to avoid the phone when you need a break and socialize with your co-workers instead. Not only are they able to share relevant advice and insights that can help you at work, but they’ll also make you feel a lot more relaxed than social media can. Your patients depend on you to stay focused and at the moment, so do your best to find that piece of calm – no matter how stressful your surroundings are.