When it comes to blogging, it’s safe to say that you have a lot on your list to get done. From the actual writing of posts to updating your design to dealing with emails. The life of a blogger is always a busy one. But of everything, there’s one area of the blogging world that zaps up a lot of your time, yet could still do with a little more attention. And that’s marketing. Because no matter how hard you market your blog, you could always do better. If you want your blog to do well, and you want to be able to grow and succeed, you have to put the right amount of emphasis on your marketing. And here’s how to be a lot more proactive with it.

Utilizing Analytics

First of all, you have to be using your analytics. It’s easy to fall into a trap of making judgements based on instinct, and while that can work for you at times, it’s always better to make decisions based on data. And with analytics in place, you have it all just sat there ready and waiting! So, you need to be thinking about tuning into your analytics and basing your marketing efforts on what you see. Because results don’t lie. They’re going to show you where your traffic is coming from, and where your sales are coming from, so that you can harness these successful drivers and keep them working well for you.

Scheduling Social

Next, if you don’t already use social media scheduling software, you’re going to want to start. Because social scheduling not only saves you a lot of time, it can keep your business pushing promotions when you’re busy elsewhere. Simple.

Guest Posting

Do you have a guest posting strategy in place? If not, then you’re going to want to get one. Because guest posting can drive you traffic and help your SEO. If you’re short on time, then hire a marketing copywriter to write them for you. That way, you will have your guests posts ready to send out, and you only have to execute the outreach. Or, you could even hire someone to take that on too.

Send Newsletters

You’re also going to want to think about sending out newsletters too. This is another string to your bow, and it’s also more work. But, if you can’t spread yourself any thinner, you could get your copywriter to pen these for you too. Newsletter marketing can be highly effective – it can also be great for sales. So this is something you should undoubtedly add to your marketing roster.


Finally, there’s also online advertising to think about. Not everyone is keen on working with advertising, but depending on your personal blog and your niche, it could really work out for with. With display advertising and PPC, you may find that you can generate a lot of traffic and sales in this way. At the very least, it’s something that you should trial, as it could be the key to seeing your blog turn into the successful business you’ve always wanted it to.