You have surely seen those cartoon gags where pet owners are portrayed as looking very much like their four-legged companions. There is actually some truth to this, because dogs have their own unique personalities just as humans do. Different dog breeds have been observed to possess certain mannerisms, characteristics, and behaviors. If you are a dog lover, you may see how you are attracted to a particular dog breed that may just very well be a reflection of your own personality.

From the way you play with and talk to your dog, to the things that you buy for it, such as clothes, toys, and accessories, you will see how you and your pet share a lot in common. Getting a dog collar for your dog may seem to be an ordinary task, for instance, but your choice of color, pattern, or design is very telling of your personality and that of your pet.

You may find it funny, but why don’t you go through this list of popular dog breeds and their particular observed attributes to see how you and your dog accurately match in terms of attitude and behaviors?


Bulldogs are often portrayed as menacing and aggressive, but in reality they are one of the most gentle and kid-friendly breeds. Humans who have this dog as pets are considered to be similarly congenial and loving. Moreover, given their looks, bulldogs are silly, comical, and quite humorous.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers

Similarly, Labradors and golden retrievers are gentle and loving. They are family-centric, deeply loyal, and ever-pleasant. However, these breeds are also extremely active, energetic, and outgoing. People who have labs and retrievers as pets can be expected to be just as good-natured, friendly, and easy to be with.

Toy Dogs

Toy breeds such as poodles and chihuahuas are showcase animals—they are quite proud, regal, elegant, and intelligent. You can just imagine how owners of such breeds can be equally discerning and tasteful. Don’t be intimidated though, as these animals are also fun-loving and friendly. They are generally always in a playful and bouncy mood.

Greyhounds and Whippets

These breeds, which are part of the sight hound group, are cool, calm, and collected. They are quiet and introverted dogs, and you can bet that those who own these breeds are in many ways silent and reserved as well. They love more intimate gatherings and settings, and are very particular of their surroundings. When needed, they can also be alert, active, agile, and quite sporty.

Dobermans and German shepherds

These breeds are also often thought of as tough and scary, but they are really just very loyal, obedient, and courageous. Their owners can be relied on to be similarly strong, stable, and disciplined—a leader in many ways. They are hard-working and single-minded toward their goals and aspirations. They can also tend to be intense and determined.


With their distinct and hard-to-ignore facial features, pugs are irresistibly cute and funny. People who own pugs tend to be self-effacing as well, and have an infectious zest for life. They take life as it comes, and are not afraid to make mistakes and have fun. Pugs are also generally gentle, fun-loving, and friendly.


Beagles are a sturdy breed that suits their being curious, inquisitive, and adventurous. They are smart and analytical. Similarly, those who own beagles are willing to do new things and to savor new experiences. Both beagles and their humans are all-around good buddies to have.

You and your dog

Whatever breed of dog you have, what’s most important is the attention, care, and love that you show it. Ultimately, the shared experiences and happy memories that you have with your pet are what really bond you together and make you possess seemingly similar personalities.