Be kind.

What does it mean to be kind, and more importantly, why should you want to be kind? For a lot of people, kindness is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the force that pushes them forward in life. Kindness comes in various shapes and colors. It can be the old lady petting the dog on the head. It can be the young man carrying the grocery shopping for his mother. It can be the teacher spending time after school to explain the lesson again to the kids who need a little extra help.

Kindness is in most things. You come across it on a daily basis, and you don’t even know it. From a simple gesture to a career choice, kindness can provide the guidance you need in your everyday life. Be kind; it’s good for you.

Watch my kindness boomerang

Kindness acts as a boomerang. You just need to do something kind that impacts someone to watch the boomerang goes. It may not travel far, but it will always come back to you, in a form or another. For instance, if you’re a blogger and want to make the most of your kindness, you can choose to have a positive influence on your reader by sharing tips on how they could become a better person. People are indeed extremely responsive to positive energy. It’s not only soothing to our everyday pains and worries, but it’s a catalyst for goodness. When someone is kind to you, you don’t just want to pay it back. You want to make someone else feels just as cared for as you do.

Helping others is a job too

Admittedly, begin kind may not be enough. If you’re trying to be a force for good, you can make kindness a part of your professional environment. Showing kindness to your co-workers can help to diffuse tensions in the workplace before conflicts have the time to occur, for instance. Or you can even choose to make kindness your career priority by helping others. If you want to improve the lives of those who struggle with physical disabilities or the natural difficulties of old age, you could make the most of your patience and good spirit by joining a home care business. If you prefer to be a model to help the adults of tomorrow to be kind and understanding, the teaching profession is right for you. In short, there are plenty of “kind jobs” around.

Inspiring a new mindset in your community

There’s another side to kindness, and it’s the ability to address important topics and help change opinions. You can’t talk about big subjects in anger; people wouldn’t listen. But if you use a light-hearted tone and yet gently help people to come to their own conclusion, through humor for instance such as Taika Waititi talking about racism, you can get your point across without causing any conflict. Isn’t kindness also the power to stop people fighting when they need it most? So be kind; make them smile.

Kindness is universal. Whether you choose to make it your life motto, your job, or even your anti-conflict weapon, kindness can help you go a long way.