You might be wondering about whether you have found the one. Or, to put it differently, are you ready to commit to the person you’re with right now. Is it the right decision and will it make you happy. Any major life decision is always going to be a difficult choice and choosing to get married is perhaps one of the most crucial. Before you make this decision, you should know, without a doubt in your mind that this is the right decision for both of you. But how do you know for sure?

Little Things Are Endearing

Everyone has little quirks and peculiar details about them. This might be a physical imperfection, a character flaw or a little habit. It might just be a certain way they pronounce a particular word. These little details make someone who they are. They separate them from the crowds of strangers that pass you by on the stress every day. Think about your partner for a moment. They probably have some little details about them too. They might be a loud chewer or softly snore in bed. Are those details annoying or endearing? As odd as it sounds, if they are endearing, that could be a sign this is the person you are supposed to be with. Don’t forget, marriage is supposed to be for life, and if you know that those little things won’t bug you, you are perfectly suited for them. Alternatively has some ideas on how to cope with bad habits that your partner might have.

You’re Looking at Rings

You might not have decided to actually propose yet. But in your lunch hour and spare time, you have found yourself subconsciously scrolling through engagement rings or perhaps even Tacori wedding rings via and similar sites. This is a sure sign that marriage is on your mind, and it’s on your mind for a reason. Your subconscious is telling you that it’s time, you have indeed found your other half, and you should take this next step in your life.

Days of Future Past

When you think of the future, do you always think in terms of the two of you? Have you slowly but surely become a ‘we?’ People who are ready to commit to a relationship don’t usually think of themselves in terms of a singular identity. Instead, they always say ‘we, are, us.’ If you have started to refer to yourself in this way, it’s time to think about popping the question.

Your Finances Are in Order

Finally, you do need to consider your financial situation. It’s easy to forget that the honeymoon, the wedding, the engagement ring and everything on top can be rather expensive. You need to be careful that you don’t end up in a situation where things get on top of you. So, unless you are sure that things are okay financially, it might be best to wait. Unless you are happy to enter into what is sure to be an extended engagement. This can feel a little like limbo to some people.

We hope you see now the signs that you are ready to take that important next step in your relationship.