Do you sometimes have that feeling of wanting to do something nice for someone? The who and the what doesn’t matter. It could be your way of showing appreciation. Or it could be a random act of kindness on your part.

I get it. There are days when feeling nice is the most natural thing in the world. But there are days when you see the world with contempt. We all go through that cycle of love and hate.

But I believe in you.

I believe in the goodness inside of you.

There is no doubt in my mind that with the right people, you are the best version of yourself.

I know that for all days to come, you will keep infecting people with your kindness.

Let me share the good, the better, and the best, of living in solitude on a quiet Sunday.


Is Sunday the first or the last day of the week?

We can talk about Hebrew or Christian calendars that designate Sunday as the first day of the week. Furthermore, we can talk about the official status of Sunday as the last day of the week.

But no, we are not going to do that. Instead, let’s talk about something else, something nice.

The Good

Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted anything new. That is because I am editing old blog posts.

The good thing about doing so is that I realized I needed to arrange my subcategories. Chances are, I am introducing a new category called Current Events.

Like other categories, it will have sub-categories too. I have not decided on the specifics, but I’d like to write about politics and advocacies.

No, I am not going to focus on the negatives. We know how dirty politics can be. Instead of the negativities, I’d like to see the kindness of people.

On this quiet Sunday, a day for people to rest, my brain cells are cranking out new ideas.

The Better

Blogger Katherine Cortes asked me if she could submit a guest post couple of days ago. I read the article and immediately replied yes.

What made today better than good is that her post is up and will be online this coming Tuesday. So please, bookmark this blog and watch out for her post.

Katherine is a travel blogger. But that does not define her. While her travel posts show where she went to, I think her guest post offers a glimpse into the person inside.

And that person inside wants you to know how she became a better person. In other words, she wants to be a positive influence on you. If that is not an act of kindness, then I don’t know what is.

Are you excited to read her post?

So on this quiet Sunday, a day for the family, Katherine and I finished her post which the family of people will read.

The Best

Like I said, I believe in the goodness inside of you.

I can feel good about certain things and feel even better about other things. But what makes this day the best is the realization that kindness abounds.

And you are here.

Do you realize, when you feel nice, how potent you are in transmitting that positive energy?

Without even realizing what’s going on, you have influenced me to write this post.

Because of you, I intend to spread this positivity to as many people as I could.

On this quiet Sunday, a day of reflection, you are touching lives of people through me.

Kindness Boomerang

The nice thing about kindness is that it can boomerang. You know what, why don’t you watch this music video?

One Day, performed by Matisyahu. The song is good, right? But the message of the video is better than good.

So I am thinking.

How can today be the best day?

Does it have to be something that comes your way?

Should it be because your dreams become reality?

Or maybe, you only have to do something nice for other people?

Can a random act of kindness on your part turn today from good and better to the best?