In the Chinese-Filipino community, my mom was a known writer. Unfortunately, she passed away a quarter of a century ago after succumbing to cirrhosis. Even if it was a long time ago, her influence on me is undeniable. So, I keep writing blog posts because that is how I could honor her memory.

Writing Experience

In high school, my teachers loved me so much that they decided on their own volition that I should stay a little more. So, they flunked me, twice.

Don’t ask me about college or university because I never graduated. Even if I did, my degree would have been useless.

When it comes to writing, I might have written one or two poems as a kid, but I am not so sure. In other words, I have no experience in writing before I started blogging.

In more ways than one, I have to thank the advancement in technology. When blogging became mainstream almost 10 years ago, it gave me the opportunity to write.

It turned out that writing blog posts is both fun and fulfilling. Furthermore, blogging became a way for me to remember my mom.

Writing Blog Posts

When I started blogging, I was never interested in reading other blogs.

The only thing I did was to keep writing without once thinking about who I was writing for.

Blogging was a way for me to express my inner thoughts and express my emotion. Click To Tweet

Perhaps it was because of the lack of direction that I spent several years blogging on and off. Without a need to express, I would stop writing.


The first blog I created was not even a blog. It was a list of sites I liked, much like what a bookmark is nowadays.

From a site that lists other websites, it became known as weblogs. As more and more people got into weblogs, it became known as blogs.

Like many others, I started blogging about personal things. Pretty soon, businesses and professionals started blogging as well.

Today, a vast majority of websites worldwide are blogs. And from blogging in its purest form, most bloggers today intend to earn money.

As for me, I have opened myself to the possibility of generating income, but I still stick to my core values.

I keep writing blog posts the same way I did before.


Once in a training, “It is how receptive the audience are that empowers the speaker,” a mentor said.

Blogging is like that too.

I started blogging without caring if anyone was reading but that has changed. Today, I value communicating with readers like you.

From time to time, I receive private messages or emails thanking me for the posts I published. It not only makes me feel good but also inspires me to keep writing blog posts.

But not everyone appreciates what I write about.

For instance, I once received a message from a Facebook friend if I was referring to him in one of my posts. Even after explaining that it has nothing to do with him, he unfriended me.

Regardless, I focus on the positives and do what I do best, and that is to keep writing blog posts.

Keep Writing Blog Posts to Spread Positivity

Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself. – Pat Conroy

For me, blogging is the same as communicating with family and friends.

I may not have formal education in writing, but I still write. All I have to do is to pretend I am speaking with you.

For me, blogging is about how I think and live my life. Click To Tweet

Blogging is also a tool. As an influencer, I have a responsibility of passing positive values to you. And I am serious in taking that responsibility.

In my heart, I realize the importance of being a positive influence on you. Not only do I cause a change in you, but also to the people around you.