When it comes to securing a better financial future, there are two ways to go about it – a job that pays enough for you to save money for investments, or being self-employed/owning a business that lets you earn more than you could from employment.

On the issue of fear itself from leaving the comfort of job security and jumping into the unknown, it is a non-issue – provided you prepare well for the transition.

Are there jobs that offer more opportunities than others?

Opportunities from Employment

Understand the organization structure of your company and the kind of job you do. Of course your academic background plays an important role.

How do you see yourself being promoted?

Some companies do not offer promotion. You could be working the same job for the next two or three decades.

Some companies increase salary year after year, albeit minimally, while others do not. To earn higher salaries, job promotion is the way to go.

What would the salary scales be as you climb the corporate ladder?

No matter how much you profess your love for your profession, the bottom line remains. You need to have financial security. If you do not want to do it for yourself, then do it for the people you say you love.

On the assumption that there is promotion, how high could you go? Understanding how the people above were promoted, how long they had to work to be promoted, is in your best interest.

Knowing the salary scale is important because the last thing you want is to work for a company and after two or three decades, to regret not having done anything else.

Opportunities to Be Self-Employed/Owning a Business

To be self-employed, often you provide professional service – doctor, freelance writer or designer, organizer, etc. To have your own business, you need to have the seed money to begin with.

What do they have in common?

You need a network of people to begin with as your initial market. The more people you know, the better. The more people that you know who knows people, the better.

If this is the way you choose to go, preparation is the key to making it happen and practically increase your chance of success – significantly.

That is why during employment, the best jobs are the ones that allow you to meet people, especially people with money and influence.

There are jobs where after two or three decades, you don’t know anyone. There are jobs that allow you to not only improve your skills, but being in contact with successful people allows you to learn from them, besides simply networking.

Transitioning to Self-Employment or Owning a Business

There are professions that do not allow you to be self-employed. This is a good time to rethink your priorities and goals for the future. Other professions allow you to work freelance or provide professional service. Whatever your profession, owning a business can be done.

The important thing is to make sure you position yourself to make it happen.

Being in a profession that has the possibility of you growing outside of employment and combine that with meeting new people all the time, you are setting yourself to have a better life.

It Is Stupid to Say You Fear the Unknown

I get it. To get out of employment to be your own boss is scary. You already know fear holds you back.

Keep saying you are scared of this and fear that, you are not going to change your life. So do yourself a favor, and take that away.

If you prepare yourself well, I guarantee you will have a smooth transition and you are going to be too busy to even think about fear.

Do it right and you will find that you need to quit your job to be on your own because you already have a market that demands more of your time and pays you more than your company could.

If your first reaction to this post is negative, then you better read this:


Friends, my message is very clear. There is nothing to fear if you can have the mindset to plan for your future and make it happen.

Here is my question: How are you planning to secure your future financially?