Blogging has definitely become a viable way to earn money in the last few years. So much so, that people are now able to call blogging their career and can often earn more than they did in their previous careers by doing something that they enjoy and feel passionate about. Many people have a blog these days and consider it as hobby and passion, but if you find yourself wanting to dip your toe into the world of making money from it, and try and turn it into something more, you may wondering where to start. I thought I would share with you some of the innovative ideas you can earn from your blogging journey. I hope at least one of them provides some inspiration for you and your blog.

Create new products or merchandise

A great way to earn from your blog is to create products like ebooks or ecourses, or even things like merchandise such as slogan t-shirts or mugs to sell on your blog. Most blogging themes behind the scenes have the capability of adding an online store to your platform, and with quick and secure payment methods like PayPal on hand, you can start to earn money quite quickly. Of course, it is worth considering what type of product would work within the niche of blogging you do.

Use different advertising methods on your home page

There are other advertising methods you could consider like pay per click advertising. This can be a simple addition to your website and doesn’t need to be too in the face of your readers. You can even look into expert ppc management if you would rather someone else manage the ads for you. This can be a slow income source, but it can be quite consistent depending on the readership levels you have. It could potentially be a great way to earn an income and one of the most common ways bloggers do it.

Work with brands on sponsored content and advertising campaigns

Another way to earn money through your blog is by working with brands on their advertising campaigns. This when you could be creating blogging content for your blog with the brand in mind, or sharing press releases online It might even be something specific through social media channels like Instagram or Facebook. This can be a very lucrative and building up good working relationships with brands could mean more work in the future.

Advertise your freelance services through your blog

Finally, why not take advantage of your blogging platform and outline some of the freelance services you can do. For example, you already have an array of articles on your website filled with content you have created. This is an excellent portfolio for generating new contracts in freelance writing. You social media channels could be an example of how well you can strategize a social media campaign. Don’t be afraid to advertise your services, your blog is essentially your site for your own personal business. Use it wisely.

I hope that this has inspired you with some of the ways you can earn money through your blog.