Note: This is supposed to be a sponsored post, but I saw the value of IEF Inc. in terms of what it can do for you, and the value of the life lessons Francis Kong and the others can impart. For this reason, I decided to collaborate with Kristine Marcelo, CEO of IEF Inc. in offering you a chance to avail of free tickets of the upcoming IEF SUCCESS.

I met some remarkable people recently. People who have gone through issues and concerns like you and me. They found the key to igniting the inner strength they have to conquer the challenges in life and career. Today they are on a mission to empowering you to flourish in business and finance, leadership, and life. On October 18, 2016, IEF Inc. presents IEF SUCCESS – featuring Francis Kong, Eric Cruz and Ace Gapuz – for the benefit of World Vision.

IEF SUCCESS and Amazing Life Daily

There can be no doubt that when there is an opportunity, I would grab. Instead of grabbing it for myself, I am giving it to you – free. I do need your help. I need help in spreading the word on raising awareness for a good cause.

So here is the deal. I am picking a few individuals whom I am giving free tickets valued at P1,900 each. I guarantee you there is so much to learn and what you will hear from the speakers, Ace Gapuz, Eric Cruz, and Francis Kong.

Change your life for the better and you can change the lives of the people you love.


IEF SUCCESS | Francis Kong | Eric Cruz | Ace Gapuz

How to Win Free Tickets to the IEF SUCCESS

  1. I am picking people who deserve to and could attend the IEF SUCCESS. It is important that you read this post completely. The purpose is to spread the word of IEF Inc. and its vision of igniting brilliant ideas, empowering confidence and inspiring minds to flourish, with the greater purpose of creating an eventual positive impact to the society, one small group at a time.
  2. Share on social media using the icons you see at the beginning and ending of this post. Do not just share. You have to write a short message encouraging your friends to read the post for a good cause. It is up to you to tell them they could win free tickets to IEF SUCCESS. Be sure to add the following hashtags so I could track them: #AmazingLifeDailyIEF #AmazingLifeDailyFrancisKong
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and in the comments section, write a brief background and how you think listening to Francis Kong could help you. Write which social media sites you shared this post at.
  4. I am not giving the tickets away to people who could not personally attend. Check the date, venue and time. Whether you could qualify for free tickets or not, I hope you could share the post to help raise awareness.

I will pick winners a week or two before the event by email (and Facebook if you are on my friend’s list). How do I pick the winners? It depends on what you do and the more proactive you are in sharing, the better. “Happiness is in the giving and sharing,” Francis Kong said.

Good luck.

P.S. Shoutouts to Jay Mante and Cindy Dominguez for bringing me onboard.

Update: Free ticket offer is no longer available.