Everyone loves receiving flowers and bouquets are sent all over the world, for every occasion you can think of. Behind every floral gift sent is a thriving floristry business. If flowers are your passion you could turn your expertise into a lucrative career. Many people choose floristry as career later in life and there are no age barriers associated with the business.

What are my options?

There are a number of avenues open to you, if you would like to make a career from working with flowers. You could open a florist shop and supply flowers to passing trade and develop a delivery service in your local area. As an offshoot to the florist shop you could provide floral displays for events such as weddings.

If finance is an issue, you could consider working from home, to keep overheads low. You could then specialise in floral decor for large events such as weddings and celebrations.

If you love the growing aspect of working with flowers, you could consider developing your skills so that you can become a supplier to florist businesses. If the thought of upscaling your hobby is daunting there is equipment available designed to make the process of growing a large number of flowers more achievable such as a Conveyor belt, specially designed for easy plant transportation.

How do I start?

Once you have decided the direction of your floristry business, you need to develop a business plan. A business plan will highlight costs and expected revenue for the next few years. It will enable you to see if the business is viable and sustainable. At first you could lose money as you invest in equipment and premises, however you should see a rise in profits after a specified length of time otherwise the idea will not be worth pursuing.


To enable your hobby to rise to a profitable business, you will need to source funding. If you are trading from home this will be less than if you are working from a premises. You will still need money to buy flowers, equipment, packaging and advertising.

There are many sources of funding available such as applying for a grant, loan, credit card or asking friends and family to help out. Newer forms of funding options include crowdsourcing.


You will need to spend money, time and effort marketing your new business. Try and create a trusted brand within the marketplace. It maybe worth offering floral displays at a reduced rate to hotels and other high footfall businesses in the area, so that you can get your “name” out there. As flowers only have a short life span, pay attention to ensuring bouquets are always delivered in as good a condition as possible. A dead, drooping bouquet of flowers can massively affect the reputation of your business.

Use social media as an advertising platform. Instagram is fantastic for showcasing fabulous images of your floral displays and Facebook is a great avenue for running competitions to get your business noticed. Other advertising outlets to consider include, community magazines, leaflet drops, business cards and attending wedding fayres.

You are in a creative industry, so utilise creative ways to launch your new business!