Achieving a healthy lifestyle is all over the media at the moment and whether you are hacking your diet to get the best nutrients or you are trying a new fitness regime, there is always something else you feel you should be doing. But have you thought about what your house is doing for your healthy lifestyle?

The environment also has a big impact on your health and while you can’t really control the outside world, you can help yourself by keeping your house clean, bright and beautiful. Not only will this improve the air in your house, but it will also benefit your mental health and give you pride in your surroundings.

Here are a few simple ideas for making your house as beautiful and healthy as possible.

Sort Your Floors Out

Wooden or tiled floors are the best thing for people who suffer with allergies or have conditions that make breathing more difficult such as asthma. Because carpet collects dust pollen and pet hairs, they can be quite difficult to stay on top of throughout the week. A wooden or tiled floor is, by contrast, easy to sweep or mop quickly and it won’t hold onto the dust you want to get rid of.

You could also consider more industrial styles of flooring if you are a fan of industrial minimalism and achieve a real deep clean and elegant shine using a propane burnisher. This works especially well on poured concrete floors that are very popular in modernist properties and converted buildings as well.

Reconsider Your Heating

Heating your home is a big expense for any household, but are you getting the right temperature in each room? There is a fine balance between being warm enough and being too warm so you should think carefully about the room temperature you set and other ways to stay warm.

For example, your bedroom should be slightly cooler than the rest of your house to help aid your sleep. This is because your body temperature should slightly decrease while you sleep. To achieve this, you should turn down your radiator and go for a few different layers of bedding instead.

Bring Plants Indoors

Plants are nature’s way of clearing the air and bringing in oxygen so it makes perfect sense to introduce them into your home as well. There are some easy houseplants you should try first if your fingers aren’t so green such as succulents that require little water. You should also try putting an orchid in the bathroom where the steam will be enough to bring out some gorgeous flowers.

While these tips are very simple and easy to follow, they will make a big difference to your lifestyle and really improve your health too. Having a healthy house is a good way to prevent illnesses too, so staying on top of your weekly cleaning routine is definitely a good idea. With light, clean air and a cooler temperature, you will have a house to make anyone jealous.