Every time you receive an email, there’s a disclaimer at the bottom about data protection and security. We live in a world of password protected smartphones and internet banking security codes. There’s a good reason for this. With the constant expansion of the digital world, we are constantly exposed to the Cloud. The data Cloud is somewhere in the air, where all the information we send over Wi-Fi can get stored. This is so handy for businesses, of course, as it means that their information is kept out of the office.

The trouble is, as you cannot see the Cloud physically, it can be concerning as to secure your business actually is. If you have remote workers, they are constantly on the move and sharing your company data, which can put your company at risk. You have to decide as a business whether you go for managed mobility services or mobile device management. The latest MMS vs. MDM battles usually see companies going cross-eyed trying to keep up with minimizing the risks to their security, but it’s up to you how much coverage you want to have. Keeping your intelligence safe is crucial so that your competition cannot access your strategies and you are less likely to be hacked if your data is secured correctly. We’ve put together four tips to help your business stay as secure as possible and away from external influence.

  • Audit. Many companies forget to do this, but auditing is so vital to know where the holes in your business are. If you don’t know where the vulnerabilities are, how can you combat them? Regular auditing can help you with this. Work with IT professionals to conduct these security audits; you will need a professional hand in this to be able to spot any system weaknesses.
  • Staff. Educating and training your staff to understand how to keep your data well protected. Most of the time, human error is what causes a data security breach. Simple mistakes can cost your company thousands, and by minimizing this risk, you don’t have to fight an internal battle and simply focus on the external issues.
  • Encryption. Data encryption is probably the best way to secure your data. This way, if it’s then stolen, the data cannot be accessed. If you encrypt hard drives and USB thumb drives, thieves will not be able to access the data that is loaded onto it.
  • Contingency. Every company needs a contingency plan for their information. Backing up everything you have onto external hard drives and not just the Cloud can help you go a long way to ensuring you have the top level of security in your company.

Business security is not an easy thing to manage, especially if you haven’t had to deal with it before. Where you can, get expert advice and help and always educate your employees in the right way. This way, you have covered all your bases to make sure your security is water tight. Don’t leave it, sort it today.