I’ve been seeing the mysterious homecoming post circling on social media. Here’s a life lesson from the reunion of an OFW couple and their family.

For the majority of OFW – Overseas Filipino Workers, the objective is simple. Earn money for the family. Doing so is another story – mostly of loneliness, tears and sometimes, even abuse.

I have relatives who immigrated overseas. They had secured their citizenships in the countries they reside in long ago and they are not the same as overseas Filipino workers.

In my team called XTRM 1-11, we have many members who either work abroad or have relatives working abroad. I spent time talking with them and have since learned that the life of an OFW is not easy.

Most of them were forced by circumstances, the need for higher income to give their families better lives.

Nearly all the Filipinos working outside the Philippines I talked to said they were treated as cash cows by known and unknown relatives. How they handle being asked for money differentiates one from the other.

They are also targets of scammers. As each day passes, the urge to come back for a grand homecoming with their loved ones increases. Besides the financial needs, an OFW needs to see their families. Scammers take advantage of this by pouncing on their needs by offering too-good-to-be-true get-rich-quick schemes.

When I watched this homecoming video, I realized the importance of writing this post as a means to shift your attention from the homecoming itself to something far more valuable – a life lesson.

There is a life lesson in this Lancris Residences homecoming video. So, let me ask you:

1. Do you have relatives who work overseas to support their families (or yours)?

2. Do you understand how hard it is to work overseas?

3. What have you done?

It pains me to know that some families are spending money on luxuries while the intent of their provider was to provide for the basic needs and save money for a house – something every Filipino wants to have.

Take inspiration from the homecoming video. The old couple returned home to find their sons successful and having invested in their own houses.

If an OFW could go through the months and years abroad on their own, solitary in their despair, then you have no reason to think of obstacles and challenges you face as you strive for your own success.

If you have a relative working abroad to support you, it is shameful that you should find excuses why there are things you could not do, instead of doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Final Thoughts on OFW Homecoming

If I may, an OFW should keep in mind that while sending money is why they work abroad, they should be careful too. It has not escaped my attention that the better lifestyle they provide, the less there is a need to succeed for the family members.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Maimonides

As an OFW, spend lonely nights learning and growing yourself so that you may teach the people you love to be independent and have the right mindset to succeed.

And for you, who is supported by an OFW. What can you do?

Do whatever it takes so that on homecoming, your OFW relative (parent) could be proud of you. If they can sacrifice, you can persevere.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.