Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like quitting your job? That colleague you hate, the boss that never gives you a break, and the commute from hell make us all miserable. So what if you did quit and chose to retreat at home instead? No more commutes. No more annoying people. Just peace and quiet, surrounded by all your creature comforts. Here a few ways that you might be able to make it happen:

Continue Your Job Remotely

If you’re worried about making ends meet, you might be reluctant to give up the steady pay packet from your wage. You might be making quite substantial savings, especially on the commute, if you work from home. Chances are, if you’re easily distracted in a busy office environment, you might be more productive working remotely anyway. This is bound to make your boss agree to at least a trial of this working arrangement.

All you need is a desk and a laptop. Most office work can be completed remotely. Your IT team probably has this arrangement set up already for other members of staff. There are plenty of free online apps you can use to continue working collaboratively. It also means your boss can check you’re working and that your productivity is also high quality. If you’re willing, why not agree to video conference calls? It keeps you up to date and in the action. And you can make all your colleagues jealous that you’re still in your pajamas.

Teach Privately at Home or Online

If you have some expertise or talents, why not teach others? There are several ways you can tackle this. Many music teachers and curriculum tutors provide tutorials or lessons in their own home. Students come for 30 or 60 minutes, and you prepare a lesson that forwards their progress each week. You can take formal training to help you learn how to do this yourself, but it isn’t necessary.

Another way to earn money from teaching or training others is to produce a popular YouTube series. It needs to attract a large number of subscribers. You only need to produce the videos once. They can be watched hundreds of times forever more while you enjoy a steady stream of advertising revenue. Alternatively, upload a course to a website like Udemy and enjoy income every time someone enrols on your course.

Start an Online Store

Becoming an online retailer sounds like a lot of work. After all, you need to buy a domain name that looks catchy and find a good deal on website hosting. Then you need to install all the safety certificates required to make sure customers trust your site. Then, of course, you need to design your website so that visitors choose to buy your products from you and not a competitor. And where on earth are you going to store all that stock?

An alternative for the startup homepreneur is to use a drop shipping service. There are several to choose from like Dropified and Expressfy so read up on comparisons between them. Ultimately, you want a wide range of products and seamless integration of the product sales pages into your website. Then you can just sit back and let the drop shipper do all the packing, posting, and tracking for you. Wait for the money to roll in.

You should expect to use social media and other digital media to promote your website so that customers choose to come to you to buy these goods. What more can you offer? Can you design your website to be more attractive? Can you make sure your website is ranking for the key search terms your customers are likely to be using? Where can you place advertising that will convert into leads and customers?

Become a Blogger

If you’re a whimsical type of person, you might decide that blogging could be a good outlet for all of your creativity. Blogs tend to fit into quite broad categories so they can appeal to a large number of people. You might select something a little more niche so you can build up an avid and loyal readership. Pick a category or topic and start typing. All it takes is a website, but you can use something like a WordPress one for free.

Setting it all up is easy. Simply pick a template, add a few personal photos, and start typing. Over time, you can add some social media plugins to make sharing much easier. You should make it a habit to regularly post to your social media pages as well, linking back to your website. This can help you build a following more quickly and can help people share your content more easily too.

So how can you monetize your blog? It takes subscribers and visitors. If you’ve opted for your own website, you can start earning money from advertising revenue. You need quite a lot of traffic coming to your site each week to be eligible for some programs. An alternative is to become a reviewer of products related to your topic. You might get the product for free rather than earning cash though. Simply write an honest review, and other companies might approach you for more.

Become a Writer

With all this blogging experience, you might choose to take your writing skills to another level. Becoming an author isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. You can self-publish on platforms like Amazon Kindle. This means people can be reading your books and guides without you needing an agent or publishing house. Best of all, you can earn cash every time someone reads your books. The more books you publish, the more earning potential you have.

You really can live the hermit’s life at home and still earn enough to have your groceries delivered to your door. But it can be quite isolating. Sure, social media keeps you connected, but wouldn’t you hanker for a real-life conversation?