Saying “Yes, I do” is an exciting experience for many, a terrifying one for some, but a dream one for everyone. You might not know that traditionally flower girls used to throw petals on the path of the bride in order for these to lead her to a sweeter future. Weddings are still one of the highest acts of love and most of us have fantasised with having been proposed to at one point or another.

Even if marriage rates are currently decreasing, these are still fairly high worldwide with over half of the US population, for example, being currently married. If you are looking forward to being a Mrs, then it is time to put your wonderful organisation skills into practice and start planning the day of a lifetime!

Send those invites out on time

Guests are one of the most important aspects of your wedding as if there are no guests, there is no wedding. Make a list of the people you think should attend your wedding and post the invites out sooner rather than later (wedding planners recommend sending these out two months before the actual wedding). Have a look at these beautifully-designed save the date cards for you to send out to your guests.

Book your venue

Once you have decided on the guests, booking the venue in which you would like to get married is the next logical step in your wedding-planning journey. Just as the number of guests matter, so does the budget. Make sure you have sat down with your partner and discussed how much you would like to spend on your big day. This will give you an idea of how much to spend on your venue also, as this shouldn’t be more than 50% of your total wedding budget. Here are some venue ideas for you to start entertaining your senses.

Plan your hen do

No longer being on the meat market should be a good reason for celebration, let alone getting married to your favourite person on this planet! Hen dos can appear to be embarrassing, and let’s face it, most of them are, but yours doesn’t need to represent a porn set, if this is executed in style. As before, make sure you allocate some realistic budget for this, as choosing a cheap night out might save you some money but if alcohol is involved, it will end up being expensive. This Marie Claire guide will help you put together an elegant and classy hen do.

Marriage doesn’t need to change anything

We’ve left planning aspects like buying the dress and choosing the flowers to you, because ultimately, it is your special day and by now and after the above, you should have a pretty good idea of what it is that you are trying to experience on the day.

With the average married couple having sex just 68.5 times a year, which is just a bit over once a week, we understand why marriage could sound scary. Remember, however, that what made you and your other half seal your love in holy matrimony is the same thing that made you come together in the first place: a deep sense of admiration for one another, and that, does not need to change after marriage, if you don’t allow it to do so.