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Where Are You Going to Live When You Retire?

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As we age, we think about more and more things that will concern us as we grow older. We think about things like our retirement and our health, but one of the biggest things that many seniors often overlook is accommodation. Not every senior is fortunate enough to have their own property or home, and others believe it’s more beneficial to move to a community of other ageing seniors instead. There are many different options to choose from, so we’re going to be delving into the options in this article and discussing the advantages of each one.

Questions to Ask Yourself

First of all, there are a couple of questions that you should be asking yourself. These questions will help determine the type of property that you should be living in when you grow older.


  • Who can I stand living close to? If you don’t like your neighbours that have been living next to you for the past 20 years, then perhaps it’s a good time to move away from them! Or maybe you long to live closer to your children that have long since moved away from where they originally grew up. It’s a good idea to think about the type of people you’re willing to live close to because you’ll be seeing them on a fairly regular basis.
  • What will the healthcare be like? Healthcare is also another concern. There are some assisted living locations and retirement homes that have excellent health care. For example, McKnight Place offers skilled nursing and long-term personalized care plans, making it a great place to choose if you’re concerned about the quality of healthcare and want the peace of mind knowing there is a 24-hour emergency response system in place.
  • What can I realistically afford? Of course, you’re also going to be limited by your budget. Some seniors decide to sell their homes as they retire so that they can purchase a retirement home or move abroad to live out the rest of their days. What you do will be limited by your budget, so keep your balance in mind!
  • Can I be independent? You’ll also need to ask yourself how independent you can be in your new property. If you don’t think you can live alone, then it might be best to move closer to family members or consider a care home.
  • Who are you going to socialize with? Although many seniors live sedentary lifestyles, there are some that choose to step outside and want to get out more often. If you want to socialize more often, then it’s best to live in communities where there are more seniors around your age.
  • What’s there to do? Lastly, you need to ask yourself what there is to do in your new area. Sometimes, seniors make the wrong choice of moving relatively far away from where they used to live, only to find that there’s not much to keep them busy and they become sedentary as a result.


As you can see, there are many questions to ask yourself before you decide to retire and pick a place to live. However, it’s important to consider these points before we move on to explain what living in each location feels like.

Living in a Retirement Home

A retirement home is one of the ideal locations for seniors that still want to live in a community of people and have interactions with those around them. The reason it’s such a great place to live is that many of the concerns people have are already taken care of. For example, you don’t need to worry about your healthcare because there are skilled nurses already, and you don’t have to think about cooking and other necessities because much of it is taken care for you.

However, there are also assisted living locations that act similarly to retirement homes, but they offer you more freedom and independence should you need it. Typically, you’ll have your very own property and you’ll live in a community with other seniors. You’ll still get assistance to help you look after yourself, but you’re given a lot more control over how you want to live your life.

Living with Your Family

You could also just live with your family. Some seniors dislike this because they don’t want to become a burden to their family especially if they require a lot of care and looking after. However, it’s a fantastic choice if the rest of your family agrees to it and they’re willing to rotate the responsibilities between themselves.

This is fantastic if you want to be surrounded by your children and grandchildren as you age, but there can potentially be a conflict between siblings especially when there are disagreements regarding your care, especially if one of your children is doing most of the care. These conflicts can often be resolved with several talks, but this will vary from situation to situation.

Living Abroad in Someplace Special

The last option is to move somewhere entirely different to where you expect. This is a great option if there’s a place abroad in another country that you really want to live in, or if you spent most of your life in another country that was different to the one you were brought up in. Moving back to the hometown you grew up in is a fantastic way to spend the rest of your days, but moving abroad to a completely new location that you’ve always wanted to live in is also a good choice.

This will often require much more planning such as switching your healthcare and potentially learning a new language, but it’s well worth the effort and a fantastic way to spend your retirement.

Some Final Thoughts

You should always think about if you actually need to move or not. There are many good reasons to simply stay put as you are, but there are also other alternatives that offer many unique advantages such as assisted living or spending your retirement in a location that is special and unique to you.