On a Facebook live feed, Martine de Luna said, “My goal as blog coach is for you to fire me.” Her statement, which was so profound, resonated with me. I love her attitude and the blog coaching mindset she gets into when accepting clients.

Stop and think about it.

How would you use the same attitude outside of blogging – in work, social and personal life?

Inspirational Goal from Blog Coach Martine de Luna

I listened live earlier and to the recorded session again as I write this post to share my thoughts.

On brand clarity, blog coach Martine asked us what our core beliefs are and how that comes out on our blogs.

“Value. Passing values.” I commented.

But passing values using a blog is only the means to express and deliver a message of value.

What do I believe in?

What messages am I sending?

Why do I even want to do that?

As the year came to an end a year ago, I sat down with a blank notebook and thought about where I want to go with my blog.

I decided that my old domain name did not represent how I wanted to live my life moving forward. So, getting a new domain name became the first task I wrote down to rebrand myself.

All throughout the live session, bloggers were commenting and asking questions.

“Loving what you do,” Maggie Agustin wrote. “Bringing passion with you in anything that you do.”

“We can inspire and create new ideas that will impact the lives of the next generation,” adds Jenny Baul.

“Passing values,” I had commented.

What values?

Sincerity in Blogging

One of the things I talk about when I am coaching (not blogging) is image projection on social media.

Who you are and what you do must be the same as how others perceive you.

As easy as it sounds, doing so is actually a process that takes time.

I can say that the one thing everyone must have is sincerity.

How can one be honest and earn trust without sincerity?

It’s my belief then, that everything we do begins with sincerity and that includes blogging. Because without sincerity, the message we pass on is compromised.

One is liable to pass on misinformation in exchange for compensation, for example.

Blog Core Belief

It is hard to change people when we all know it is a fact that changing ourselves is one of the hardest things to do.

Far too often, we fail to know who we are as a person.

To be truthful, it’s easy for us to look at other people and situations, but it takes a lot of effort to look at ourselves.

Having said that, how on earth do I know that I am passing messages backed by solid understanding and proof?

For all I know, I could be basing my message on incomplete information.

We are all connected to each other, as friends or strangers. But no matter how similar our life circumstances may be, none of us lived the same exact lives.

I realize this and, except for product information, have kept most of my posts neutral. And in cases where I take a stand, then I back it up with proof.

Passing values is important for me. I feel grateful when there are people out there who took a turn for the better because of what they learned.

On blogging, whether it is about a product or service, an experience or opinion, what value am I passing?

One of the first things blog coach Martine talks about is the core belief.

Digressing from Blog Therapy 1

How many of us have the purest of intentions?

I can’t say I do, could you?

Imagine how much value Martine is giving when her intention as blog coach is to get herself fired.

Applying the same coaching mindset, it excites me to think of readers finding value in my posts. Because it would be awesome if my posts became catalysts for positive changes.

What is life?

What do you think of life?

The truth is what and how you think of life is spot on.

It’s what you want it to be.

Amazing Life Daily is who I am.