For many people, one vacation a year is a pretty standard thing. With jobs that offer limited time off work, then it can be tricky to explore the world as often as you’d like to. Working freelance can be a good way to see the world as all you need is your laptop and an internet connection. But what other kinds of career allow you to travel and earn money? If you’ve got a major case of the wanderlust, then one of these careers could be the thing for you.

Become a Digital Nomad

Having a job that just needs a laptop, camera, and wifi is a good way to travel as you earn. It can be tricky to earn enough to do this, though. So it may take some time to establish a blog or travel writing site, for example. You could become a travel influencer across social media, sell photographs that you take or do some freelance writing or copywriting. You could try doing this at home and seeing how much you’re able to earn. If it will cover your costs, then why not go for it?

Teaching English as a Second Language

There are many programs that allow you to teach English as a second language and travel the area you’re in on your time off. A lot of Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, and China run these programs, so if those places appeal, and the idea of teaching appeals, then it could be for you.

Cabin Crew

If you love flying, then working as cabin crew could be the job for you. You rarely need any specific qualifications as training is given and it doesn’t take too long to do. Often it will start off with domestic travel before international. But either way, you get to spend time in new cities, even if it is only for a night at a time.

Move To a New Country

If you want to carry on doing what you’re currently doing for a career, but just want to be doing it elsewhere, then why not apply to do the same job in a different country? This can be a longer process, and could need the help of a business immigration law firm to get things going. But once you have all of the legal documents, you can apply for a job and then move. You then have a whole country to explore in your vacation time. Learning a new language could appeal too, as well as experiencing a different culture.

Cruise Ship Staff

Working on a cruise ship can be a really fun way to spend some time. You can have fun with people that are there to enjoy themselves, and there are varying careers from cleaning staff, servers, childcare, and entertainers. You get to enjoy the port time when the ship docks just as the passengers do, so what is not to love? You can even choose the routes that you want to work on to see visit the places that are on your list.