Buying a fur coat is simply not like buying any other coat. It is an investment that can be handed down for generations if taken care of responsibly. Essentially, it is a commodity unlike a down coat or trendy leather jacket. A fur coat was once a beautiful hide on an animal and needs to be maintained to keep up that healthy shine.

Let the Fur Breathe

The fur used to be in the wild and was simply part of the animal. If you put your real fur coat inside a garment bag or seal it off, it will dry out and possibly crack and fall apart. Fur is meant to breathe and be alive. The storage conditions are important and it is also not proper to store in a real humid area. The most optimal thing to do is store it in a vault by a trained person when not in use during warmer periods.

Water is not Good

Even though we just emphasized not to let the fur dry out in a sealed bag or area; letting your fur get wet in any way is not good as well. If it gets even a drizzle or small snowflake on it, then shake out the fur and dry in a well-ventilated room.

However, if the skin of the fur gets drenched it is better to take it to a trained professional. Naturally, the fatty acids in the skin are what keep the fur protected from rain in the wild.The process of creating the fur makes the fatty acids in the skin more prone to dissolve in water.

Sunlight and Heat

When the fur is exposed to heat or consistent sun it can make the skin more dry, brittle and prone to tear. This can even lead to hair loss. Additionally, the extended sun can cause furs that have lighter hues to even change colors and dry out as well from the heat.

Get it Maintained Once a Year

It is best to get the fur cleaned once a year by a trained professional. Never ever take it to the dry cleaner, even though some suggest it as the very, very last resort. It is best to ask a trained professional that has been in the business for a long time. Fur coats can take on odors, dust, oil, and even microorganisms if not taken care of accordingly.

Generational Fur Coat

It is best to take your fur coat to a family owned business that understands what to do and is well experienced in the field. As the site states, its company has been a member of the largest group of furriers in North America and has provided this exclusive and highly specialized service for generations. They have all of the knowledge and expertise that comes with being in the business for a long time. In order to maintain and understand how to treat fur, you need trained professionals that have many years of experience in this field.

The company you choose will most likely do steaming and glazing which will add shine and luster to the fur and prevent it in the future from becoming matted. If it is taken to a dry cleaner, then the chemicals they use will dissolve the fatty acids in the skin and leave it more prone to environment effects. This will definitely decrease the longevity of your fur coat and take away from your investment.