If you want to get healthier and fitter (who doesn’t), you might skip the queues to the gym and start a workout routine at home. There are some great vloggers out there who are happy to share their routines and workout secrets with you for free. Give yourself some time to choose the right style and exercise for your needs, and review some of the most influential female YouTubers’ accounts below.

Chelsea Lifts

Chelsea makes weight lifting fun. She also provides nutrition and diet advice for people who are thinking about taking on this form of exercise. She is also a vegan, and lets you in her secrets of adjusting to the new routine, and getting enough protein to support your body for weightlifting. Check out ChelseaLifts and see if this exercise form and diet is for you. You can even ask questions and get them answered in the next podcast online.  

Sadie Nardini

Starting as a girl who could hardly walk due to an injury, she is one of the biggest yoga teachers today. If you think that yoga is dull and boring, you must check out her channel, full of advice and inspiration. She doesn’t only teach Vinyasa Yoga, but has also developed a method of combining HIIT and yoga moves for maximum benefits. She currently offers a 14-day yoga shred for free, giving you a chance to try the new form of exercise at home.

Sami Bossert

Sami is also known as the “Lean Machine”, and has over 70,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Her Full Body Blasting Workout is a great way to kick off your week and take your fitness to the next level. If you want to start your own fitness business, you can learn a lot from this girl, too.

Ashley Borden

The celebrity fitness coach has started from being an overeating 18-year old, and now has been featured in Fitness Magazine. Her “6 weeks to get sculpted” program has been voted number one was voted number one by the publication, as well. She is one of the best examples of starting from nothing and implementing a successful fitness marketing strategy to claim the top spot.

Yulyana and Bikini Model Fitness

If you would like to tone up fast for the summer, you need to check out the Bikini Model Fitness YouTube channel. She knows what she is talking about, as she is a model herself. Her instructional videos are fun to watch, and easy to follow. You can focus on all the areas that need attention before you hit the beach, and most workouts are short and sweet.

Whether you are looking to lose weight for the summer or want to fit in your wedding dress, there is always an alternative to going to the gym. The benefit of checking out YouTube channels is that you can choose the right exercise form for your fitness level, diet, and lifestyle, before you start paying for the workout. Get into the routine, and turn your living room into a gym for a few minutes each day.