Wearable technology is one of the biggest trends right now. You can hardly go an hour without seeing someone who is checking their Fitbit or fiddling with their Apple watch, and although many people choose their wearables for fashion first and functionality second, there are a lot of wearable technologies that can really help you to look after your health and monitor your current condition.

If you want to be both on trend and health conscious, take a look at the following healthcare related wearables:

Sleep Trackers

If you wake up every morning feeling as tired as you did the night before, you might want to look into sleep trackers. Many of us wake up several times in the night without even realizing it, and this can lead to poor sleep quality and endless fatigued days. Of course, you can’t deal with a problem like this unless you are aware of it. This is where sleep trackers come in. If you wear a sleep tracker, it will monitor the quality of your sleep and report back to you, so that you can take steps to remedy the problem.

The Fitbit is probably the most attractive choice of sleep tracker, but there are many others to choose from.

Heart Monitors

Whether you have a heart condition, you need to lose weight, or you are trying to get your diabetes under control, you will find a wearable which includes a heart monitor to be invaluable.

Heart monitor trackers will let you keep a close eye on your heart rate so that you can take action if it gets too high or low. It will also let you know when you are in the right range for fat burning if you are using it when you workout, so it’s a very good way of monitoring your overall health.

Again, the Fitbit is probably the trendiest option, along with the Apple Watch, but you can find something a bit more simple if you prefer.

Compression Gloves

Compression gloves might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wearable technologies, but they are one of the original and best. It is important to look after your hands and wrists, and these low-tech gloves will help you do that by offering support for a range of ailments.

You can get compression gloves for arthritis, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel and many more hand-related issues, and they look surprisingly good. Opt for compression gloves in a neutral color, and you’ll be able to wear them with anything for optimum hand health and pain relief.

Stress Relievers

Stress is one of the biggest healthcare problems we face in the 21st Century, so it makes sense that we should use wearable technology to help relieve it. The best device for this at the moment is the PIP – a small wearable which, in combination with a simple app can monitor your stress levels and help you to calm down and relax.

Although there are lots of great looking wearables to help you with your health out there, and there is no reason not to look good as you get healthy, you should never choose a technology on looks alone; you must ensure that the technology you choose will have real benefits for you.