Many businesses that were mere startups in the nineties have struggled to adapt to the latest technological changes that affect companies today. Sure, you might have high-speed internet and even dabbled with online ordering systems. But if you haven’t fully embraced everything the digital world has to offer a business, then you might start struggling more than ever. Here are just a few of the updates your company might have missed out on:

Social Media Customer Services

There was a time, long ago, when customers made phone calls. Your business would pick up the calls and manage any number of customer service inquiries. Then came the online chat function. These are embedded in your website alongside your product information pages. They offer an instant text-based conversation tool so customers can ask an agent (or a bot) a question in real time. Social media provides a publicly viewed conversation tool. Why would customers use this, and what should your business do about it?

Customers might use Twitter or your FaceBook page to ask questions, find out what promotions you’re running, or to have a whinge. Yes, social media brings negative feedback to your door and it’s all very public. If you don’t have a customer service team ready to respond (not react) to the posts that are important, then you could be doing your brand harm, and you could be losing customers. Social media is easy to use and conveniently available on a phone (the irony) twenty-four hours a day.

Digital Documents

Back in the nineties, the postal service was busier than ever. Then came email and the internet. Now most companies post their important documentation on their website. They email customer communications directly. Even newsletters and promotions can be emailed or posted to social media. Paper is rarely needed or desired. So where does that leave all your historical documents?

If you haven’t already digitized your archives, then catch up. Even though this paperwork is out of date, someone somewhere is likely to want to see it at some point. Some of the most important paper-based docs you have are your marketing files. Use a local document imaging service and put these on a cloud based server, so they last forever. Many marketing campaigns work time and again. If nothing else, they provide a record of what worked well in the past.

Old Processes

Ordering systems have changed a lot over the last decade or so. Customers are happier than ever to tick a couple of boxes online to choose what they want. Don’t over complicate the process! Use apps to streamline your service and to pass data from one part of the business to the next. They’re easy to build if you have a bit of coding experience. Alternatively, engage a company that specializes in this.

It’s not easy to adopt new technologies and changes as they happen. After all, your business is a well-oiled machine. It works fine, right? Embrace some new ideas and see just how far they can take your business. Your customers already have.