If there is one thing that technology thrives off, it is making people’s lives easier, and where is the one place we wish our lives were made easier? Exactly. The kitchen. We don’t have the time to faff about in the kitchen for two hours preparing dinner, nor do we want to for that matter. There is just too much on our to-do lists to warrant this.

To help this dream become a reality, we have come up with a list of appliances and gadgets that you need to introduce to your kitchen so that you can, well, carry on living your life.

The Breadmaker

Okay, quick admittance to start things off; we thought that making bread was super tricky. Yeah, even with a breadmaker, I figured it was super tricky. It turns out it isn’t. You just get the ingredients you want, toss them into the machine, press a button or two and walk away. Lovely jubbly. Oh, and it’s way cheaper than buying bread too. Way less expensive.

The Rice Cooker

We love rice. Rice is amazing. Rice is delicious and nutritious. But rice is a pain when you cook it in a pan because you have to stand there and mollycoddle it for the duration. That’s where a rice cooker is fantastic. You put it in, it cooks it for you, does all the mollycoddling it has to and then shuts itself off so that your rice doesn’t burn.

The Coffee Maker

No one can operate without coffee in the morning. Yes, yes, it isn’t the healthiest thing to wake up and consume, but it does wake us up. But instead of waiting for the kettle to boil, in which time you could sleepwalk into danger, get a coffee machine. Just make sure you get one that has an economic non contact level switch and a timer on it; there’s nothing like waking up to coffee that’s ready to be guzzled.

The Slow Cooker

If it is your sanity you are hoping to get back, then this is the appliance for you. It’s a godsend for busy moms and working mommies. Just have a few epic recipes at hand, then all you have to do is chuck some dinner in shortly after you wake up, after which you are free to relax (read: clean, dote on kids, do the washing, help with homework, etc.) until dinner time, at which time it is ready.

The Food Saver

When we’re thinking of ways to make our lives easier, the object of money always wiggles its way into our thoughts somehow. That’s where a Food Saver is epic. You could preserve the fruit in your perfect summer-ready garden, your fresh fish and save your leftovers and all of that. Basically, you’ll have less wastage, and that means more money. How? Well, this nifty little gadget stops letting air get to your perishables, and that is a good thing.

The Toastie Maker

Toastie Maker, George Foreman Grill, Panini Press – call it what you will. This nifty little device takes the stress out of delivering sumptuous meals, especially lunch time meals. Meat, veg, grilled cheese and hot sandwiches; the world is your oyster. Delicious meals made in minutes. Amazing.