Wake up in the morning: tired. Go to bed: tired. Get up in the middle of the night: tired. It doesn’t matter the time of day or what you are doing because you don’t have the energy to get through the day. Compared to other areas of life, a lack of power isn’t something which ranks high on the list. After all, paying the bills and being a parent comes first and always will do. Anyway, it isn’t comfy but it is possible to function without feeling one-hundred percent.

However, it’s important to note that a lack of energy can negatively impact a person’s life. From weight gain to a failing memory and a lack of focus at work, there are side-effects which no one wants to experience. To tackle the problem, it’s essential to take a step back and ask: why do I constantly feel fatigued?

Here are the most common reasons for lack of energy in this day and age.

Poor Quality Sleep

What makes the situation worse is that you go to bed early every night to try and rectify the situation. Then, in the morning, you still feel as sluggish as usual. The problem is not the duration of sleep but the quality of it. Although it may not be apparent, it is possible to wake up during the night or avoid REMS cycle. When this happens, the body isn’t resting properly and the brain doesn’t get enough time to heal, repair and re-energize. There are numerous reasons for poor quality sleep, but gadgets and electronics are the usual cause of the problem. Things such as TVs and laptops give off infrared radiation which the body detects, and that is what keeps you awake. By making the bedroom an electronics-free zone, you should notice the difference.


Water is the most basic yet essential mineral on the planet. Without it, the human body can barely last three days without breaking down. Of course, the western world has access to clean drinking water at the flick of a faucet, yet that doesn’t mean you get your fill. Often, men and women replace H2O with sugary drinks that cause the body to dehydrate. In simple terms, vital organs need water to break down simple and complex sugars and this leads to an H2O debt. Red Bull says it gives you wings, but the truth is they won’t last very long. To reboot your settings, the key is to drink plenty of the clear liquid. According to the experts, at least two liters a day is paramount.

Lack of Nutrients

If H2O is the most important mineral, food is a close second. True, the body can last longer without a meal, but a lack of nutrients does impact everything from your mood to your concentration levels. Just think, are you ever angry or easily disappointed when hungry? That’s because the body is craving food energy to replenish its stores. However, any old junk food won’t do because there are more harmful minerals in a Big Mac than helpful. No, the trick is to consume plenty of Medium Chain Triglycerides and Omega-3 fatty acids. MCTs aren’t easy to find, which is why this KetoMCT supplement is very popular. Omega-3 is much easier to find because it’s in almost all fish. Aside from these, also look to fruit and vegetables for iron, potassium and vitamins A through E and beyond.

Too Little Exercise

Hitting the gym or pounding the pavement can be hard work, especially in the winter. Let’s face it – the idea of sitting at home is much more appealing. However, exercise is essential for two reasons. The first is weight gain. Without burning the calories which you digest, the body will turn them to fat. When this happens, the body becomes sluggish and the vital organs find it harder to function. For example, the heart can’t pump blood as efficiently and the muscles have to work with less O2. Secondly, working out also releases a multitude of chemicals, one of which is adrenaline. As soon as this hits the bloodstream, you will feel as if you can move mountains. The great news is that the feeling lasts for a very long time, which is why the gym is more important than most people realize.

Excess Stress

Just because it’s a physical ailment doesn’t mean the problem has anything to do with the body. Typically, the brain is the reason that people suffer from a lack of energy. Why is this the case? It’s because stress causes mental fatigue and that permeates throughout the body. So, when you are stressed out, the chemical reaction impacts your mood and makes it feel as if there is no point. Want to go to the gym? Why? Fancy catching a movie? Can’t be bothered. These are typical responses of a person that is dealing with too much cortisol in his or her body. Working out can relieve the imbalance, but finding the energy is hard in this scenario. Therefore, it may be better to have a massage or go for a walk to clear your head. Sometimes, just talking to a friend can help get the emotions off your chest and relieve the tension.


Unfortunately, you may do everything in your power to be energetic and it may not work. Sometimes, the body has a defect which will negate the hacks above and still cause you to feel fatigued. The organ which is notorious for this behavior is the thyroid. A small gland in the throat, it regulates the metabolism and is in charge of hormone production. Tiny it may be, but its job is pretty massive in the grand scheme of things. The problem occurs when the thyroid is underactive and doesn’t work as efficiently as possible. There isn’t much you can do but see a doctor and seek medical advice. However, you can look out for the symptoms and schedule an appointment as soon as you feel something is wrong.

Hopefully, the above will help to answer your questions. If not, always consult a doctor.