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Easy Ways to Avoid Pain While Sleeping

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Sleep is one of the most important things for your overall health and development. And so getting enough and high-quality sleep will always be vital. However, you cannot sleep well when you have frequent and severe back and neck pains. While there are various things that you can do to get rid of the pain once you wake up, a much better idea is to prevent it as it can make it difficult for you to sleep.

Understanding the causes of the pain on your back and neck when sleeping should always be the starting point. But, regardless of the causes below are some of the most useful and also the easiest ways to deal with it.

Get a Good Mattress

Your mattress will affect everything from how comfortable your sleep will be to the quality and amount of rest that you get. And so if you have been having some pain when sleeping the first thing that you should fix is your mattress. While the best idea is to replace it with something more comfortable and firm enough this can be quite expensive. But there is still another great option which is to buy a topper or pad for the mattress to make it more comfortable. However, make sure the topper or pad is a high quality and comfortable material like memory foam.

Buy the Right Pillow

Pillows support your head, neck and back to ensure that you get a comfortable sleep position. And so without the right ones, you will not get the correct alignment and this can cause some pain. The pain comes from the unnatural alignment of the neck and back that causes unnecessary strain. Pillows will come in different design and with different fill material and so you will have more than enough options. Also, there are some that are for specific purposes such as the pillows for shoulder pain that provide support and relief for those that have a lot of pain around the shoulder when sleeping. Also, the size and amount of fill on the pillow matters but it depends on your preferred sleep position.

Choose a Good Sleep Position

Each person has a favorite sleep position but how you choose to snooze can also be the source of your pain. Some sleep positions will put unnecessary pressure on your shoulder, neck, and back and hence cause some pain. And so if you are experiencing some pain when sleeping you should try to change your sleep position to see whether there will be some changes. This problem is common for those that like sleeping on the side because they end up putting a lot of pressure on one of their shoulders.

Change Your Sleep Position

Besides from getting a comfortable sleep position, another useful way of relieving back, neck or shoulder pain when sleeping is by changing your sleep position frequently. Keeping your body in the same position throughout the night or for many hours causes unnecessary strain on one point in your body which can result in pain. Although you are likely to change your position naturally as you sleep, it is still necessary to adjust it when you realize you have been in the same posture for too long.


You do not have to sleep with pain or wake up with aches in different parts of your body because there are many things you can do to deal with the pain. Changing your mattress into something better or buying a topper and getting some supportive pillows is always a good starting point. However, you also need to choose a good sleep position and keep adjusting it throughout the night to prevent applying too much pressure on one part of the body.