President Rodrigo Duterte does not mince words. During the election campaign, he admits to womanizing and proud of it too. Worse, he cracks inappropriate jokes. But what is chilling is that he said by the time his term ends in six years, 100,000 people will be dead. Are you in favor of Duterte extrajudicial killings?

Duterte Extrajudicial Killings

It’s hard to fathom the sheer number of people President Duterte threatens to kill. Even if they are drug lords and drug pushers, rapists and murderers, they deserve due process.

But the reality is this.

People in the Philippines know the existence of vigilantes in Davao City. For years, though, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) could not prove it in the court of law. The extrajudicial killings debate in the senate and congress has lead nowhere.

Since he was sworn in as the new president of the Philippines last June 30, there has been killings. As of the time of this posting, more than 200 drug personalities are dead. 60 plus of them were executions carried out by suspected vigilantes. The others killed in police operations.

Horrible, isn’t it? But where are the noises? It seems to me that only a few people have spoken against Duterte extrajudicial killings. Sure, there were calls by rights activists to end the brutal executions. But where are the mass protests to stop extrajudicial killings?

Is it because there are more people who say yes to extrajudicial killings? Have the horrific and heinous crimes committed by drug addicts led to a consensus that it is okay? Have the Filipino people lost hope in the judicial system?

On the plus side, over 60,000 drug users and pushers have surrendered to the local authorities.

Will the Drug Lords Strike Back?

It has been three weeks and I wonder. Will the drug lords strike back? There is so much money at stake and they have the means to do so.

Will violence escalate?


In the last weeks, it is becoming normal to see news reports of vigilante killings. Images of bodies, tied up and taped, with a message that says, “I am a drug pusher. Do not emulate me.”

Who are these vigilantes? The chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) denies it’s them. They have evidence that drug syndicates are the ones doing the killings. The victims are either those who did not remit money or those who know too much.

Summary Executions

A common theory is that there are policemen involved in Duterte extrajudicial killings. It’s not actually carrying out street justice, though. These are nothing more than murders carried out so that the victims could not point fingers. In other words, policemen who are drug protectors are cleaning up.

Yes or No to Duterte Extrajudicial Killings?

Duterte won the election by a landslide. He made only a few campaign promises. It is reasonable to say that most people believe he is a man capable of backing up his words with action.

After all, he has proven that as the mayor of Davao City.

During the campaign, he said funeral parlors would be a good business to get into if he wins.

We see killings daily.

Are these killings justified?

Do you think President Duterte ordered these brutal murders?

Are you saying yes to extrajudicial killings?

What’s your reaction to the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines?


  1. I must admit that I am a pro-Duterte because I am just tired of having to always look at my back everytime I’m out the house. Sometimes I would get scared too when I am alone at home, what if some drug addicts decided to invade our home? What would I do? But right now, I don’t know if I am still in favor of all these killings, watching the news makes me lose my faith in humanity. All those inhumanely killed drug addicts have families too, families that mourn. I just think Duterte’s government should take action about this vigilante killings and just put an end in all of this once in for all. Well, a citizen can hope for a better country, right?

  2. I can imagine the motive of killing those “criminals”, stopping the violence and fear. It could sound inhumane for someone not experiencing the “fear”, but once you put yourself into the peoples shoes, it becomes tough to resolve.

  3. The news nowadays seems like scenes from movies. I can’t wait to see the scenes fast forward 6 years later. I do hope that by then, we can claim a better country and better citizens.

  4. The people in the drug scenes are killing each other. We see the motive of President Duterte to end criminality and start it by identifying the people who are involved in society’s number one enemy; the drugs. The number of killings is truly alarming. Just hope that this soon be filtered and only responsible people must receive the punishment.

  5. I don’t really want to give my side on this types of discussion but I guess, what I can say is I don’t really know my side. I do think that it’s a bit rough to kill the criminals, at the same time when I think of the growing death of INNOCENT people, I just cringe and realize all I could give is pity. I do believe that criminals (especially those who have killed someone) should be given extreme punishment because right now putting them in jail is just isn’t enough.

  6. I don’t think violence or killing is ever a solution. I like what Plato wrote (about the trial) that Socrates said: “You think that by killing men you can avoid the accuser censoring your lives, you are mistaken; that is not a way of escape which is either possible or honorable; the easiest and the noblest way is not to be crushing others, but to be improving yourselves.”

    I don’t want to say I have or know any solution. It’s just that I don’t think violence and killing are ever the way to go.

  7. This is one controversial topic, Robert. But a good topic of choice. I guess I belong to the minority group who fight against extrajudicial killings. The logic of the people I have been talking to is, if you were gunned down by the police, it’s because you are a drug pusher and you fought against them. Another one is, if you are tied up and have a cardboard on you that you’re a drug pusher, then you are a drug pusher.

    Now if you ask me, am I against drug pushers? Of course! But not this way. There will be more innocent people dying than drug pushers falling into their graves. And I notice that only the poor ones are hunted down but the big guns none!

  8. I don’t know much about Filipino politics but I do feel that killing drug addicts isn’t the solution. Isn’t there a more humane solution?

  9. I don’t think Duterte is behind the killings. It may be the other drug lords or leaders who want to keep the pushers/users mouth shut. In a span of a week, there are already 9K drug addicts who surrendered here in Pampanga alone. They had an oath taking and they wrote a report that they won’t do it again or else they’ll be put in jail. Imagine, those are the drug addicts alone. How about those criminals in the different field? I really think the action of the administration is mostly clearing and making people realize the consequence that they’ll get if they’ll still do what they did.

  10. Although I am pro-Duterte, the vigilantes are a whole other matter. Also, I think the kill on sight is only appropriate IF and WHEN there is suffice evidence that this guy/girl really has drugs on them, has used them, and if nanglaban sila. Hindi yung nanglaban sila kasi baka nga naman implant lang yung drugs. I have this family friend who was Japanese, and got into jail kasi may drugs daw siya, implant ang nangyari because the guy is supposedly clean after medical check, but the police still asked for 1 million for his freedom. ?!? Lang diba…

  11. This is a very controversial topic and it’s very easy to say something and then get bashed, cyber bullied, labeled as pro-drugs and so on. I understand why people are in support of these summary killings. For years, decades even, we’ve been living in a country where crime is common – drugs, corruption, petty thievery, kidnapping and so on. The police are deemed a joke, sometimes in compliance even to criminals. The government officials are of no help either. Duterte, with his tough stance on the war against drugs and other crimes, is seen as a savior figure.

    Of course, this is very easy to say if you’re just a bystander. As I’ve seen in the news there are also innocent casualties. So you have people calling for due process. But we know the justice system in this country is oftentimes unreliable and takes years to resolve cases.

    So… I don’t know. I think this is a conundrum. I am all for due process and human rights but hopefully, all the legal processes will be hastened. Not in the way it is being done now, of course.

  12. I am a pro-Duterte but I am not into killings either. As much as I admire all the changes we are experiencing in our current government, I believe the administration can still come up with a humane solution to stop all these drug addicts.

  13. Honestly, being in the humanities course, in social work, and from UP, there is a leaning towards being against it. I couldn’t put my finger in it, but I am somewhat for it. It’s not just the “extra-judicial killings”. I know I sound horrible, but I think it’s delayed justice because drugs put people in danger, not just for people who take them, but what drug users do to innocent people.

  14. I’m pro-Duterte and I like how fast the changes are happening, but killing is just too much. It’s scary because anyone can be killed then labeled as a drug pusher or whatever. Someone can get robbed, raped, killed, then all the suspect has to do is to put a cardboard signage on the person and he/she can get away with it na. Nakakatakot.

  15. Actually what is saddening is the reaction of many people. For 3 months now, we are bombarded by news about DRUGS and KILLINGS only. DRUGS and KILLINGS only, nothing else. Saddest thing is MOST PEOPLE ARE ENJOYING it! We do not notice that we are being diverted to that issue alone! Aside from the fact that the people are becoming more blood-thirsty, we seem to FORGET OTHER MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES:

    (1) What is happening to WEST PHILIPPINE SEA? While the whole world is rejoicing about the decision, the Philippines kept quiet as instructed by Pres. Duterte. China is building more and more infrastructures in WEST PHILIPPINE SEA.

    (2) What is happening to K-12? I heard close to a million students DROP OUT of school.

    (3) What is happening to our ECONOMY? I do not see financial experts explaining about our economy yet there is a downturn. I do not see complaints about UNEMPLOYMENT yet it is rising.

    (4) What is happening to INSURGENCY? CPP-NPA just slammed Pres. Duterte about the truce and in turn killed soldiers. How about Abu Sayyaf? ASG just kidnapped 5 more Malaysians.

    So, what is happening, are we all satisfied with the news about the KILLINGS? DRUGS? Any other else?

  16. On the one hand you want our country to be free of criminals especially drug pushers but on the other hand, the vigilante killings are frightening. There seems to be a division on this with what’s morally right but the statistics show that there’s almost 100% support for Duterte.

  17. I agree with Pinoy Beavis. The news here in the Philippines is almost just about drugs & killings. Not a pro-Duterte and I don’t think that killing is the best solution but I was amazed on the good changes that are currently happening in the country.

  18. I am not in favor of any killing. I believe life is a gift and only God could take away that gift from us. Though it would be a lot nicer to live in a healthy and clean environment – minus all the drug pushers and criminals – still, putting in your hands the power to end one’s life is still unacceptable for me.

  19. I am in favor of killing if the person or suspect that will give the death penalty later rightfully deserve it but the problem right now is that we don’t have any idea if the people that are being killed should be punished with that. I like how the President fight drugs but the killing spree is too much. I tend not to watch the news because of that.

  20. DUTERTE WANTS TO CHANGE THE PHILIPPINES. That is his reason why he needs to sacrifice some to save the many and you belong to that group.

  21. My Facebook newsfeed is flooding with issues about Duterte extrajudicial killings every now and then. The news on television too never fails to report each and every situation. I must admit that I am not a pro-Duterte, in fact, I didn’t vote for him. But I am not an anti-Duterte either. There are just some ways that I do not like about him. But in the first 100 plus days of being the country’s President, I can say he must be doing a tough job. I’d choose not to speak about extra-judicial killing, but I have to say I don’t like to see or hear innocent people, even children dying and it doesn’t feel good either to hear criminals dying. I still believe in fair justice.

  22. I personally think that the government did not sanction the so-called “EJKs”. I am more convinced that these killings are part of the clean-up of the big fishes. I may have my own bias because I have lived in Davao for several years but I don’t think Duterte would order such killings. Then again, I hope that this very controversial situation that is happening now will end and that justice will prevail. I can only pray for the future of our country at this point.

  23. Let’s have faith that God is doing this for a reason. DUTERTE is a proud Filipino! He wants to save, protect and serve us. if this is the way to save our country, preserve our culture, restore our PRIDE and cleanse our LAND then so be it. We have to take the roughest path so that the generations after us can enjoy it. We are not letting anything to destroy our nation, our motherland, and our children, without a fight. And this, my friends, is the best action that we can get. Who knows when we will have this chance to heal again. How long shall we wait again? Open your eyes. We might not get a second chance if we don’t get behind this now! If this is to change our nation for the GOOD of all FILIPINO people, I GOT TO GET BEHIND THAT. I GOT TO BE A PART OF IT! “Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang KABAYO?”


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