On so many nights lying on the bed in the dark of the night, I lose myself in an unseen world that exists only in my mind. It is the world where dreams are real.

In this world I created, I had won the lottery. First it was a million, but lately, I dreamed of a billion. Even more, I am the architect of this world, the mystical king, who could move mountains.

In this fantasy world, the new day-to-day expenses are the luxuries. Gone were the bare necessities needed to survive. I also own the greatest treasure in the universe – the happiness and security of the people I love and care for.

Alas, I could not live in my perfect fantasy world. As soon as I feel the surge of immense pleasure enveloping my whole being, it ends. And then I would open my eyes to the start of a new day – in this world you and I live in.

One night, I skipped visiting the fantasy world. Instead, I talked to the creator of all things.

God and the Promise of Wealth

“God, all over the Bible, you promised blessings and wealth,” I asked. “Perhaps it’s time to turn my dream into reality. Let me win the lottery and I will put the millions to good use.”

God didn’t answer.

Was I being greedy? All the good use I thought of were for me, and the people I love.

“God, I promise you that I will use much of the money helping others, especially those in need. Would you let me win the lottery?” I asked.

Time passes by but still, there was no answer.

“God, have you decided that I do not deserve your blessing and the promised wealth?” Once again, I asked. “Am I missing something?”

And then I heard a voice. “Son, I want you to have everything you want,” God said. “And I would have given it to you if you had placed bets on the lottery.”

At that moment, I opened my eyes with a realization.


Friends, each of us has our own dreams. One of you could be dreaming of exploring the universe. Another one could be dreaming of fame. Or maybe your dream is not as wild as mine.

What I realized is that dreams are only dreams. For far too long, I lived in fantasy worlds. But they never last because each time I still wake up to this world.

So I leave you with these questions:

“Is what you are doing today going to make your dreams come true?”

“Is there anything else you could do to make your fantasy world become real?”

“Are you doing enough for the people you love and care for?”

“Are you missing out on something that could change or transform your life for the better?”

“Is it insanity to think that if you keep doing the same things over and over again, thus you could expect different results?” – Note to self: talk to Albert Einstein soon.

“After promising the people you love that you’d do whatever it takes, have you lied to them?”