As any good parent knows education is vital to our kid’s self-esteem and prospects in life. That means we want them to get the best education around, and part of that is getting them to complete their homework to a high standard. Of course, with computer consoles, the internet and multiple kids TV channels, getting them to sit down to complete their homework after a long day at school isn’t always easy. However, there are somethings that you can do to make it less of a hassle for your little one and for you. Read on to find out what they are.

Set a routine (and stick to it)

Routines are useful, especially for kids, as they can help them get a sense of what they should be doing at what time each day. Then, as the routine becomes more established, they are much more likely to follow it, sometimes even without prompting. That makes having a scheduled time for working on homework a really valuable thing.

Usually, an hour or two after they have returned from school is the best time. As this gives them a chance to grab a snack and have a rest and recuperate a little from their day. Something that is important to ensure that they bring the best focus and motivation to their homework and complete it to the highest standard.

Make sure they have the right equipment

When trying to help your kids complete their homework, it is also vital that they have all the equipment and resources that they need. Luckily, with the Internet, knowledge is much more freely accessible, so finding out facts and figures, and even getting a little help if you are stuck with a maths problem is possible.

However the Internet isn’t the only resource that your children will need, they also need basics like pens, pencils, paper, as well as technological items like a computer, or laptop and a printer as many assignments are required to be typed instead of handwritten now. Unfortunately, the tech items can be a little pricey, so it is worth looking around for bargains in sales or online for things like laptops. You can also get cheap printer cartridges online if you do a little digging. Something that is definitely worth it as this can really lower the resources bill, allowing you to get everything your child needs to complete their homework to the best standard.

Use a merit system

Also, it can be of great use in getting even the most difficult child to complete their homework to use a merit system. This is basically a system where your child earns points by completing their homework. These points can then be traded in for privileges such as watching their favorite TV shows, playing on the computer, or even days out.

In this way, you can keep them motivated to complete their homework and teach them the value of hard work. Just make sure that not every pleasure or treat they have is based on their achievement here, as this can send the wrong message, making them believe that their worth as a person is based on their achievement rather than who they are.

Sit down and do it together

One thing that many kids can really benefit from is having one parent or tutor sit down and work on their homework with them. We are not talking doing it for them, but actually sitting with them and motivating them when they do get stuck. In fact, with a parent or tutor there it can seem like a lot less of a difficult task. Over time this can be incredibly valuable in raising your child’s motivation, making it something definitely worth doing from time to time.

Stay in touch with their teacher

Next, don’t forget the value of staying in touch with their teacher at school when it comes to homework, as this can be helpful in so many ways. Firstly, you can keep up to date on the work that they are set, meaning that when they say they have nothing to do you can gently remind them that this is not the case.

Also being in contact with the teacher, usually through email is helpful because if your child does come across any problems or queries, you can quickly get in contact with them for some guidance. Something that will make the whole process of completing the work they are set to do at home a lot less stressful, both for you and your child.